Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Monday
Taught a painting class this morning - had a blast - we painted poppies on a tall terra cotta pot ~ everyone did a gorgeous job - I managed to take my camera with me today but did forget to check with them to see if it would be okay if I posted their pics - so after I do that - I'll share the photos.
Here is what I painted this weekend:

THIS WINDOW TOOK ME VERY LONG! I have never been a fan of painting magnolias. I love them and think they are a gorgeous flower - I am a southern girl you know ~ LOL.

This took me twice as long to paint as the other windows I've been painting - just cause the detail that goes into a magnolia and of course since it's not my favorite flower to paint I was VERY critical ~ but have to admit I'm pleased with the final product.


I also painted an apron so that I can wear it to my painting classes and not get paint all over my clothes ~ plus I just thought it would be cute to wear.

Here is a close up of the apron - wild rose with pansies and daisies.

Found this great plate and knew it had to be painted - to plain with the great decoration and nothing in the middle. I painted a peach on it and it's actually going to be given to someone at a conference - the lady that got it from me needed something that was really "Georgia" so what better than a PEACH?!


One of my favorite flowers has always been the dogwood. The trees are absolutely gorgeous when they are in bloom and I really like the ones that have that hint of pink on the edges.

I am doing something really exciting tonight - I've been invited to the Perry Arts League to do a demonstration for their program tonight. I'm very nervous but excited! I'll share with ya tomorrow how it went.
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Sandy!!
Its Gab, I was just looking at your website because i havent had a chance to see it in a while and i just wanted to tell you that all of you paintings are GORGEOUS!! The beach scene on the window is my all time favorite though! I miss you so much and I hope to see you soon! I love you aunt sandy!! -Gab

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love ALL of these! I am a huge fan of both the magnolia and the dogwood! Just gorgeous work - can't wait to see more!