Monday, October 30, 2006

Our family weekend R&R trip to the farm
It was so relaxing and much needed after how busy we've been here in the McTier household. It downpoured all the way up and let me tell you it wasn't too fun playing frogger with all the frogs that jumped into the road - hundreds - YUK! I'm sure you get the point. I kept cringing after each one and letting out a little yelp. I couldn't stand to hear it.
Here are a few photos from the farm. It's so peaceful out there. Blogger is being tempermental with me so I'll try and load the others later. The boys got some farm work done - got all the firewood loaded on the tractor and up by the house and the ladies just relaxed ~ Oma read a good book, Lynne and I went to a couple of antique stores up in Harlem (a quaint little town up the street from the farm) and found some awesome goodies - I'll share pics later. We played poker and watched movies ~ no where we had to be, no phone calls we had to answer and no computer that we had to check. It was nice and again much needed.

This is the view I hope to be seeing out my front windows when our house is finally built. I'm standing on the hilltop where someday it will be and the view is just breathtaking!
The wind was whipping through and grasshoppers were slamming into me left and right as they were trying to fly through the air.

This pond is the lowest I've ever seen it in the 16 years I've been coming to the farm. Opa said he thought it was the lowest he's remembered it in the 30+ years they've lived there.


Anonymous said...

Great tranquil, makes me wish I could take a walk there right now. Can't wait till you start on the house so we can drive up and check it out! Glad you got away to rest and reconnect. Hugs, Terry

Anonymous said...

oooh, what beautiful pictures. How nice to get away. But...ewwww!!! (about the frogs) I think I'd have to start singing real loud or find some headphones!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, Sandy!!! Glad you had a good time, but I agree with Cami on the frogs....eeeewwww! smiles...