Thursday, October 26, 2006

These are the two latest windows I painted. Feeling in the Christmas spirit now that it has gotten a bit chilly around here. Mid 60's which is quite a change from the high 80's low 90's last week.

Holly, berries, pine needles, pine cones and a cardinal.

Pine needles, pine cones, berries, poinsettias, and a small little bird that you'll miss if you aren't looking for it.

Didn't go bowling on Tuesday - so no scores to report. I was still not feeling 100% so I stayed home and got some things done around the house and rested finally.

Now I've gotta get projects ready for my painting class coming up on Monday and all of my painting projects for November. I have some ideas but am having a hard time finding supplies at my new HL. You can only paint on wood and paper mache so many times before people become bored. Will go again today to HL to see if something pops out at me to paint.
Just got a BUNCH of new scrapbooking stuff and HAVE TO MAKE TIME to sit down and get my pages done! My photos are sittin' there cryin' for me to do something with them.

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up with your work,! You have been doing some incredible painting lately...LOVE these windows!!! smiles...