Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Encaustic Art
I just had to share this - my friend Terry did it yesterday at one of our OSC craft club events. I'm envious I didn't get to go and learn how to do this - but she's gonna show me how ~ huh?

I loved watching the guy on CreateandCraft TV while we lived in England make this art. It's amazing how quick and easy it comes together when you know what to do with the iron and wax. Sometimes when you don't know what you are doing with it it still comes out looking awesome (abstract usually) but cool.
This art isn't very big in the states yet. Our OSC artist that runs our craft groups is actually from England does amazing things with this art.
Sorry I missed this class and will certainly be at the next! Awesome job Terry!

Had an AWESOME day at bowling today ~ I haven't done this well since moving here and was thrilled with my scores today. I bowled a 168, 151 and a 219! YAHOO!!! Was thrilled. Had a bowling luncheon afterwards then a scholarship meeting and rushed home to be here for the boys when they get off the bus. Now, rushing to finish this update and get ready for the homework, soccer practice and hopefully a bit of painting. I've also got to catch up on Rhonna's challenge - I'm way behind!

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Anonymous said...

ooooooh, that is so cool looking! Love it! Great job on those awesome bowling scores! smiles...