Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PLAY DAY! Well not really.
My friend Terry brought over her CRICUT machine (cause I'm too cheap to purchase one for myself) NO, I actually wanted to check it out to see if I really want one like I want one.
It's fun. It's aggrevating! It is fast but it also tears if you do it wrong!
She's gonna leave it with me a couple of days (what a friend) to have a play with it.

I started playing with the machine and my hubby called me to ask me to bring him some clothes for his physical therapy appt. (knee surgery months ago) and although I didn't want to drive 30 minutes to get the clothes there I thought of all the places I could stop on the way back so I went! Stopped at Michaels on the way back as well as Hobby Lobby. Picked up this pumpkin at 50% off cause I wanted to paint one. I love how this turned out and in true SANDY fashion I'm giving it away to my friend tomorrow.

We'll I've played enough and now it's time to get some spouses club stuff done since I'm running a board meeting tomorrow! For the board members I was going to make these cute little boxes with the CRICUT machine and put a small treat inside - way too much trouble and way too much time! So I got these really pretty sunflowers at Michaels and was making those fun pens with the flowers on the end and my hubby walked in and said "those are hideous" SO...although I don't have to do anything I wanted to take a little something for everyone on the board tomorrow as a small thank you for all their work and time! Might have to stop at good ole trusty Wal-Mart and see what I can pick up last minute.


Anonymous said...

love the pumpkins :)
I am too cheap to buy the Cricut too - I wonder if I actually got to use one if it would change my mind? What do you think? Is it something you'd consider now?

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the pumpkin you painted, but I must say that the picture doesn't do it justice. I love it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making it mine! Oh, and tell Steven that I love my "hideous" pen too! Your terrific! I will miss you while I am gone....."snif", Terry

Anonymous said...

OMG! LOVE that pumpkin...just soooo gorgeous!!! smiles...