Saturday, October 07, 2006

Missed a Day!
Can't believe that I missed bloggin' yesterday. I was doing so good to blog every day lately and yesterday just got the best of me! Didn't get much of anything done although I needed to get a lot done. I did however, get my easle at Hobby Lobby that I wanted with a little help from my friends ~ read below to see what I mean.
I had a friend come over yesterday and got one of the peach ornaments that I've been making to take to a conference where she needed something that represented GEORGIA. She loved it and hopefully the recipient will as well. Here were the options:

flat ceramic ornament (peach painted on one side)
Love the ribbon ~ Wal-Mart find ~ burgundy one side and mustard yellow the other - DIRT CHEAP and gorgeous!

Peach Glass Ornament (bubbled ornament - not round like a christmas bulb but flatter which is much easier to paint on). Have to admit that the ribbon came on a package of chocolates that came from switzerland ~ my mom picked up some chocolates in the shapes of soccer balls, a soccer player, a soccer cleat, etc. SOOOO WISH I HAD TAKEN A PICTURE BEFORE THEY WERE DEVOURED BY MY THREE BOYS!!!! The ribbon was too good to throw away so I recycled it.

This is the ornament she chose to take and give away at the conference next month! :) :) :)

Here are the windows I painted today ~

Hydrangea topiary tree in a flower pot.

Might change the flower pot to NOT be so big on the bottom ~ the advantage of painting on glass you can scrape away where you want to! :)

I just had to paint this beach scene on a window and this was the perfect window to do so ~ it had white speckles in between the two panes of glass. When you put it in the light it is sooo pretty.
I can just imagine this in someones bathroom or in a tanning salon or well I don't know where but I'm sure there is the PERFECT place somewhere for it.
This is the easle I got yesterday. I helped some of my friends with a project and they decided to go together and take a donation for my time ~ which was totally not necessary but soooo appreciated! I used their gift card and a 40% off coupon that HL so graciously gives you on-line and got this $150.00 easle for $15.00!!!!!!!! It is perfect for painting my windows and I know will be perfect for my canvas pieces as well.
I have this terrible HABIT of having to STAND when I paint and well.....when I do just about anything....especially scrapbooking I have to stand. I have stood for hours at crops, etc. scrapbooking and not sitting at all. Not able to sit. HAVE a much better look at it from a standing position - I'm HOPING that this easle will allow me to sit on a stool (that I already have) and SIT while I paint. I'm not sure it will happen BUT I can tell you right now that my feet are killing me after standing all day on my hard wood floor in the dining room and ceramic tiles in the kitchen! OUCH!

I've been looking at this cricut machine sittin' on my table and SOOOOO want to have a play with it. I have so much to do that I haven't had time to play around and make some titles for scrapbook pages I'd like to ~ but hopefully tomorrow after church I'll have time to play with it. Will share more of my thoughts about it tomorrow ~ not too convinced that I need to spend the money to purchase one ~ especially since my good friend Terry would let me use hers if I need it for something.

Thanks for the awesome emails I received lately about my work! Also about purchasing some of the items I've been doing and sharing ~ will check into postage on those and get back to those that have emailed me about purchasing some of my windows! :)
Glad you LOVED the flower pens as much as I did! and YES, I hope I have enough groceries to last me at least two weeks ~ other than the essentials ~ like milk, salad stuff and fruit. So far so good! :) We're certainly blessed and are not going hungry ~ which I thank GOD for every day.


Anonymous said...

Hello From Vero Beach!! Now, did you think for one minute I would be able to stay gone for 5 days without finding an internet connection to see your blog?? NO WAY! Don has been driving for thirty minutes to find a free wifi connection! LOL Aren't hubbys great? I miss you and love all the new stuff you painted. I think you did a great job picking out the easel...can't wait to see it in person. Love the hydranga topiary...and after a second glance at it after reading the blog, I agree with the idea of the smaller pot. Have a good week. And you are correct...dont stress about getting to the will be at my house anytime you need it. I miss you and wish you were here on the beach with me. Disney's Vero Beach Resort is awesome!! Big Hugs, Terry

Anonymous said...

more gorgeous creations :) What part of GA is the Fall Festival that you're going to be in? I'll have to let my MIL know. Enjoy that new easel!

Ann(i)e said...

You multi-talented little mink...these are GORGEOUS!!!! I want one of those windows....maybe fair to say I NEED one of those windows!!!