Sunday, October 01, 2006

Painting Class ~
I had such a great "first" painting class yesterday at Hobby Lobby. My class was full (6 students) and thankfully my great friend Terry took pictures for me ~ something I always forget to do. Everyone did so well and I think all were pleased with their finished project. We painted sunflowers on the wooden Tissue Box. They actually finished quicker than I thought so some added extra flowers and painted some other sides of their box.
I was so inspired after my class that I had to come home and paint. I got a STEAL on some windows at a local flea market store and decided to start painting them for a local fair that I'm doing this month. Can't believe it's already October! It's HOT still in Middle Georgia ~ mid 80's today and so DRY.
Here are photos of the windows I painted:

The white pieces of paper are where photos would fit in. There are photo corners attached to the window so you can insert and change photos whenever you wanted to. Thought this would look so awesome in a Shabby Chic room~ a style I LOVE but don't have in my house anywhere.

Out of all the flowers I paint ~ I love to paint sunflowers. I saw something similar to this and decided to give it my twist. Love the hummingbird in the bottom right corner.

Got an easy week this week. I'm hoping to get a bunch of things painted! I managed to get some scrapbooking done on Friday ~ my friend Jamie came over and we cropped for 4 hours. I finished 18 pages in my Iceland Album (we lived there from 1995-1997). I'm just a bit behind on my pictures ~ don't ya think?? I'm also behind on painting orders and just took on a big project to paint table centerpieces for someones wedding reception. Plus, the goblets for the head table (2 dozen). They are getting married in Texas so I'm thinking Texas Blue Bells and Yellow Roses. Will share of course as I get them done. Thankfully it's not until April so I have time to get them done!
Have an outstanding week!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yet again, Sandy!!! I am amazed at how much you get done!!! I can't wait to see the bluebells. smiles....

Norah's said...

Like your windows. Sitting right here in Texas, can't wait to see the project.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the sunflower heart with the hummingbird. Think I might have to purchase that one for the General's wife's Christmas present!! Of course...everytime you paint something new I am awe struck all over again! Hugs, Terry