Saturday, October 14, 2006

Where has this week gone? Here's what I've been up since my last update.
I never woke up Thursday. Was so tired all day long and went to bed at 9p.m. Felt like a new women on Friday! Got some painting done on the windows ~ and painted a window and cake plate for the boys bowling league raffle.

I painted these Friday ~
Love poppies. We used to have HUGE red ones in our garden when we lived in England and they were absolutely gorgeous. I love the wild ones too that grow on the side of the I75 here in GA. Pink, Red and White poppies all mixed together and such a pretty sprinkle of color.

I love blue and white and have some really cool Spode Blue and White dishes from England. I have some of them on display in my kitchen but since my kitchen is primarily GREENs I didn't put it all out.

This is the window I did for the bowling league raffle. Think it was well received a quite a bit of money raised for the league which is great!

Got home from bowling and took my Dad's car to get a new battery. Then on the way home almost got into one of the worst wrecks ever. This guy went up over this hill and the ladder which was way too long to be in the bed of his truck went flying out! It landed on the road thankfully and narrowly missed taking out two motorcyclists. Two cars in front of me stopped cause she saw the ladder and it landed right in front of her car. The guy in front of me had a motorcycle in the bed of his truck and it went on it's side as he swerved and then I ended up just on the left bank of the road still in the grass - thank God no one was behind me and I was able to stop. The lady two cars ahead didn't realize she couldn't run over the ladder as she was trying and the guy behind her got out and moved it and put it in his truck to take to the guy that lost it. AGAIN, thankfully no one was behind me still on this VERY busy road. I was able to back up and get around these two cars and get home - shaking all the way!

I got this trade in the mail today - Sharon's Artist's Trading Card. LOVE IT. I'm mailing yours on Monday. THANK YOU very much.

Hubby is off with son #2 for a soccer game and I'm off to my painting room to get some windows done. Will share later.


Anonymous said...

First of all - thank goodness that you escaped that accident!! That had potential to be SO much worse. So glad you are ok. :)

Loving all these windows - they are each so beautiful and colorful. You're going to be very busy at the fall festival with all the shoppers!

Norah's said...

I love your windows. My fav is the pukins. Thanks for the mention and your are very welcome.