Monday, October 02, 2006

More Painted Windows ~
Here are windows I painted yesterday and today.

Pumpkins, wheat, and sunflowers.

Grapes vines with grapes and dragonfly

Had to wait at the car place for 3 hours to get my DH's car fixed. Had lunch with DH at a Korean restaurant which was okay but after eating in Korea myself it just didn't compare! Had to go to the doctors and get 4 moles on my back frozen ~ OUCH! that hurt so bad. Have to go back in 3 weeks for a repeat ~ already in pain just thinking about it.
Thanks Lynette for your very sweet EMAIL! So glad you are enjoying my blog and even more thrilled that you are inspired now to take some painting lessons! Wish you were down here in GA with me so I could teach ya. Also had a fantastic message from my great friend Nancy in NE about how much she is enjoying keeping up with me through my blog ~ Miss you bunches and cannot wait til you get your BLOG started ~ you are so talented and I cannot wait to read yours everyday ~ so hurry up already!!! :) SMILES
Going bowling tomorrow - hope my scores are as good if not better than they were last week.
Have a great week! Don't forget to smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy - you are so awesome! I LOVE the pumpkins and the wheat window. Can't wait to paint my windows with you one of these days. My "things do to with Sandy" list keeps getting longer and longer! Can't wait to show you the new technique I learned today with Encaustic wax. Thanks for being you...and for sharing your wonderful talent! Your Friend, Terry

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous windows, Sandy!!! I need to go scour the stores for windows to decorate for Christmas. Good luck at bowling!!! smiles...

nancy said...

the pumpkins & wheat window is AWESOME!!!! love to see all that you are up to...can't wait to see what you create with "the wax"...hope my bowling goes as well thursday night!

Anonymous said...

Sandy - I love your paintings. My MIL is an artist and usually does watercolor - but she loves painting on old windows etc. She did a painting of my 2 girls on one and put it in her garden. She also lives in GA (metro atlanta) and does lots of the art shows.

Your work is so pretty :) Thanks for sharing!