Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bowling day ~
Okay here they are, my bowling scores for today: 134,155,191 (480 series) I started off slow but found my game in the end thankfully.
Hung out at the Georgia State Fair yesterday for about 5 hours and had a fabulous time. Lots of walking - kids were out of school and their admission was free ~ it was also Military appreciation day so we only had to pay my admission. Boys rode tons of rides, played lots of games and we ate way too much Fair Food! YUMMO! Funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy!
I fixed the flower pot on my topiary window - took about an inch off each side of the pot and am more pleased with it. Not sure if it's enough but it's staying like it is.

Lovin' this window - I painted it yesterday after we got home from the Georgia State Fair.
Love this pink roses with the purple flowers mixed in.

Working on some wooden plates for an upcoming painting class I'm teaching at Hobby Lobby. Love those stamps I bought last month!

Not sure if we are gonna do this plate or
the one below with mums on it.
I like them both but the VOTE this morning with my three boys was this one with the pumpkins.
Maybe, the class attendees will get a choice - we'll see.

Fall Mumms

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the boys...I like the pumpkins! Gorgeous work, Sandy! Congrats on the good bowling series! smiles...