Monday, October 23, 2006

October 21st Happy Birthday Debbie!!!
October 23rd ~ today ~ Happy Anniversary Mom & DadI tried calling but all circuits to Germany have been busy for hours now! What's up?Hope you guys had a great day together!

I'm BACK! I so wanted to update every day this past week but was too busy some days to breathe. So, here's what I've been up to ~ painting, painting, and more painting plus everything else a wife and mom of three boys does daily.
I didn't bowl on Tuesday so no score updates - although someone on the league did beat my high score with a 229. boohoo. I had a doctors appt.
Thursday our spouses group had a "Think Pink" function and we had such an awesome speaker. She is a breast and pancreas (SP?) cancer survivor. We had someone from the Susan G. Komen foundation as well that spoke to us all about the importance of self exam.
Here are the things I painted last week:

Old world Santa

Sunflower pitcher and glasses for one of my
sons teachers. I gave her a pitcher last year as a teachers gift and she wanted a set to give to her mom for Christmas this year.

Roses with white hydrangeas ~ The wood
on this window was too good to paint over.

I knew that I would paint the pomagranites but didn't know I'd paint them on a window. Love this fall window with the fruit, leaves and sunflowers.

Sunflowers with butterflies


I have always wanted a bouquet of calalillies in a vase by
my bathtub - don't know why just love them. Thought they would look pretty on this tall window.

Irises, tulips and white flowers. I thought of my mom the entire time I was painting this as she absolutely loves Irises.
I SOLD this this past weekend at the fair so I'll just have to paint another one for her.

Pansies and daisies

Fruit window - apples, grapes, peaches,
pears, cherries and plums.

Hydrangeas - probably one of my favorite flowers of all time.

blogger is being fussy today and not letting me upload anything else right now but I'll keep trying later.

I went to a fair this weekend and it was just okay. It was geared more for games and stuff for the kids and not really what I had expected. Most people said they didn't know there would be vendors there BUT...I made a lot of contacts sold enough stuff to make up the cost of the pitch and had a great time chatting with people about my ART. Three vendors next to me packed up before 3p.m. because they hadn't sold a thing.
Hubby and I aren't feeling too good today. He had to go to work and I've been able to stay home and regroup and catch up on some stuff that I've neglected over the last 2 weeks. I am still way behind on a lot of things but put a dent in most of it today.

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Anonymous said...

wow - you have been quite busy! look at all this eye candy! I love the old world santa - especially with the crackled wood frame. And the one with the pomagranites is one of my faves - love all those colors!

Hope you get better soon - we're still trying to shake the bug here.