Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I especially hate it when I don't understand why it isn't working?
My camera card isn't working in my printer. Works in my camera, just gets error in my printer??? Been trying to get it to work all morning so I could share with you what I've been up to. Will have to pull out the docking station I purchased with this camera over 3 years ago that is still in the box (never opened) and see if that will help me get these photos off my camera card.

Bowling yesterday was just okay - 157,168 and 137. I'm neck and neck with a gal on high average and we seem to be going back and forth every week ~ this week I had high average ~ I'm sure next week she will. Plus, our team is in first place and have been for quite some time now. Now, don't get me wrong ~ I'm not that competitive about it! I do like to do my best and I do like the reward money at the end of the season but it doesn't rule my life. I don't practice during to week to make myself better. I don't yell at my teammates if we fall from first place. hehe. I ENJOY it. I've never been much of a practice type person anyway! I either do it full on or don't do it all.
My first lesson in learning that sometimes you have to practice came when I was much younger and both my older sister and I used to twirl the baton. She practiced her heart out and I never did. I hated to practice actually. We'd go to competitions and I usually beat her. She didn't like this too much and my dad finally told me - either you practice your baton or you don't get to compete anymore - so I chose to not practice and to not compete! My sister went on to be a fantastic baton twirler and twirled for Memphis State University and then she actually went back after graduating and trained the twirlers at MSU. Wasn't in the plan for me to do any of that! (hey sis)
Anyway, I've been in a bit of a creative slump lately! Thanks Christy for the suggestions and support! I'm gonna try a few different things this week and see what comes of it ~ will share with you if my camera card decides to work ~ if not, then I will be purchasing another one tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy, Thanks for your hospitality tonight. I felt like I already knew your family through your website, but it was awesome meeting them. Thanks also for the tour of your lovely home and for showing me all of your gorgeous art work. As always you are truly an inspiration! I hope you get your memory card to work in your printer. I know that is frustrating. I'll talk to you when I get back from S.C. Have a fab weekend! Kim

Anonymous said...

Hope you get that camera card fixed before me and all your blog junkies go into complete withdrawal!! LOL I had no idea you twirled baton. Is there anything you can't do? See ya soon, Terry

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your camera card - hope you get that all worked out soon! I've been behind on my blogs - but I just scrolled down several posts and love all the rose plates from your students and totally diggin that rooster! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, so fun to hear that you are winning in your bowling league! Congrats and good luck keeping up there at the top! Inspiration will come...just keep with it! smiles...

Norah's said...

Odd thing here, all of a sudden my camera card won't work either. I ran some updates and I don't know that it had anything to do with it but it hasn't worked since. DH sends them to me (we are networked here at the office) from his puter. He is a dear.
I wanted to tell you that I used some of the gold paper you sent me on my 'wonder' challenge. The little teensy tiny wittle bitty gold squares across the bottom are collaged from the gold paper. Well at that rate, it will last me a long long life time. hehe..
I am anxious to do another page with a bigger piece.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your words.

Ann(i)e said...

I am SO with you on the technology bit...LOVE and HATE at the very same time!
Your rooster is so cool!!
Hope you find some inspiration! I am on strike right now as I'm slumpted at the moment too....fits and bursts, that's how I work!