Friday, January 05, 2007

Here are some pics of more birdhouses that I painted for the Habitat for Humanity to auction off this spring.

Wisteria and Hummingbird




I painted magnolias on this for my friend Terry ~ it was part of a Christmas gift that her dad made for her mom. I'm told she loved it!

Trying to get back in the grove! Don't know about you but I'm dragging and finding it very hard to get back into the groove of everything since the Holidays. My kids don't go back to school until Monday so maybe after that I'll feel more like getting something done.
The weather here in middle GA has been strange ~ 70's one day 50's the next - I have been fighting a headache for two days now - these weather fronts coming in are to blame I think.
The boys and I are spending a rainy day inside today watching movies and hanging out - we're all still in our jammies and probably will be all day. LOVE days like this (minus the headache of course).
HAVE TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO MY YOUNGER SISTER - and say how proud I am of you for stopping your Diet Coke addiction!
She called me to let me know she had a wicked headache last week cause I convinced her to stop drinking it. I saw her yesterday and she seemed to be doing fine without it. Keep it up! Your body and brain will thank you in the long run! I've asked her to keep me posted on the changes she feels cause I'm sure they are similar to mine.

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