Sunday, January 21, 2007

We had our spouses function Thursday evening and we played BUNCO ~ I love to play BUNCO. The door prizes were these great dishes and glasses that had fun BUNCO BABES and dice, etc. painted on them and they were just too cute. I was flattered that many people thought I had painted them but I didn't ~ BUT ~ I did paint these! They were too cute to not make a set of my own.

small platter

Large dinner Plate

Pasta bowl

two dessert plates

Large platter

There is a big event going on next month in Macon BUNCO FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ~ I just saw it on TV yesterday and thought about making something to donate for their silent auction? Who knows they may not want it but I thought it was a cute idea.

My Austin is doing much better and is able to walk on his foot now. He is not using the crutches but still feels more comfortable in the surgical shoes. I'm sure the pain medicine has helped too!
Hopefully he'll be back at school tomorrow but no sports or PE for 2 weeks the doc says ~ which I know he won't mind at all.

Just got back from a crash course in CASINO games with my friend Terry! Our spouses club is co-sponsoring a Casino event this coming friday at the base and we had training for game dealers. WOW! I'm glad it isn't real money we're using. CRAPS was extremely difficult - not the game - got the concept of that but having to pay out all the odds with all the bets was completely confusing! A math major I was not! Think I'll hang out at the poker table since we play that weekly at the house and I know what I'm doing.

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Amercian Idol is back on TV? I love AI and have watched every season. I will admit though that I usually turn the channel when someone is one there making a complete fool of themselves - I feel too bad for them and can't watch them be humiliated!



Anonymous said...

OMG! I love those bunco dishes...too much fun!!! smiles...

Norah's said...

Good grief Sandy, I have cut back a little on my surffing and didn't realize I had missed so much of what you have been doing. Reading about the night you went to bed at 7:30 made me tierd. I love the bunco plates. Do you use a special paint? What I mean is are they useable/washable? I need to go back and look at the butterfly page you posted.
More later,

Ann(i)e said...

just checking in, seeing what you've been up to!!
happy new year dear!