Friday, January 12, 2007


YAHOO!!! David Beckham is coming to AMERICA to play SOCCER!

Soccer MOMS and kids all over the world are probably very excited!

I know my friend Sarah Ashford in Bury St. Edmunds, England will be SAD ~ I'm sure you'll still get your David Beckham calendar from your husband at Christmas time but now they might be pictures of him in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign ~ hehehe

My boys are all skeptical though ~ "oh, he's only coming for the money" ~ well it is 250 million ~ but pennies compared to the obscene amounts of money that basketball, football and baseball stars get in this country. If only as much money was spent on bettering our school systems!

ON to more exciting news ~ my middle and oldest sons participated in their schools National Geography BEE. Both of them made the top 20 out of all the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students (over 800 students I believe) and my oldest son made the top 11 and then it was down to the wire with Austin (my oldest in 7th grade) and another boy in the 8th grade and MY AUSTIN WON!! He has to take a test today and then the top 100 scores from the state (GA) will be selected to participate in the State Geography BEE!! How awesome is that. I'm sure it helped that Austin has always had maps up and around his room ~ he loves to look at atlas books and has a photographic memory that I wish I had. My middle son Kendall was only one of 3 6th graders that made it to the finals! I was a proud MOMMA yesterday! I'm a proud momma everyday - I have 3 fabulous boys!

Off to WEIGHT WATCHERS today. Two weeks into the NEW YEAR and I thought I'd get on a program myself and well, that just hasn't happened. I thought I'd have the same discipline that I've had with not drinking diet coke anymore ~ but I haven't found that discipline yet when it comes to eating better. I'm going with my baby sister so hopefully together we can get it in gear!

Have another painting class tonight and then I'm hoping to get some of my own stuff painted this weekend. BOUGHT quite a few things yesterday on CLEARANCE at Hobby Lobby that I'm hoping to spruce up with some gorgeous flowers! Things that were $40.00 originally and I paid $6.50 - can't beat that. A piece of furniture for $15.00. I'll take befores and afters and share those when I get them done.

On a sad note - my middle son has made the decision that he doesn't want to play soccer anymore. He started playing when we lived in Nebraska, went on to play for his school team at Rougham Primary in England and all together has played for 11 seasons with various teams. He has turned into an awesome GOALIE ~ a position he wasn't too thrilled with but has always been one of the tallest kids on his team so that is where he was best utilized. I think I am taking it harder than he is. He is fine with his decision - has prayed about it for many weeks now he has told me and is ready to move on to something else -basketball, football and maybe even soccer at his school.

Have an outstanding weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Austin and Kendall!! Nana is proud of you both. Prayers are going up for a spot on the team going to the state tournament!!!!!! Sending you Hugs and a lot of LOVE from Germany.