Saturday, January 13, 2007

Friday night painting class
Had a great painting class last night - 2 ladies (Ruth and Alice) have been to other OS classes of mine and I had 3 newcomers ~ Kacy, Barbara and Kitty.
Didn't they do an awesome job no the wisteria. This is the second time I've taught this class and I love to see them amazed with what they've created at the end of the class.

Kacy ~ a 7th grade teacher
It was so refreshing to hear the passion she shared about her job!




Had indoor soccer and basketball today - Kendalls indoor soccer team lost 3-4 and Austins basketball team won 20-18. Holland tagged along with me to IDS and listened to his IPOD and watched the TV shows I downloaded for him. 74 degrees outside today - is it January?
Took a long walk with my husband which was nice and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Have quite a few classes coming up this week that I have to prepare for ~ will share those pics later in the week.

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Norah's said...

You are so busy with your classes. Your students are doing wonderful. You must be a fabulous teacher.