Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Roses!

Taught another painting class last night and we painted the roses on a wooden plate just like in the a.m. class.

This is Alice - she won the plate that I painted during class.

Alice and her plate

Kim ~ she entered hers in a contest already - got home from the class and signed up! Way to go girl!

Stephanie - Kim's daughter - you both did such an awesome job! I LOVE your big roses Steph!

Pam her rose plate

Tracy - This was her first painting class and didn't she do well? She is 15 and will actually get a Girl Scout badge for painting this! Way to go.

Have a Southern Living at Home party this a.m. so gotta get off this computer and tidy up my house a bit! Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Sandy, I have to say out of the 5 classes I've taken with you, that was the most challenging but I JUST LOVED IT! It certainly isn't perfect but it has inspired me again. Thanks again for all of your help and we'll see you on Saturday. Kim