Thursday, January 18, 2007

Butterflies ~
worked on some Butterfly worksheets last night for my friend Renee. I emailed them to you Renee and hopefully they'll come out okay but if not you can copy them from here.
I'm ready to start teaching to paint these in some of my classes! Think some of my students are READY for it!
Feel free to copy and use any of these worksheets or butterflies.

It's FINALLY cold here! Rainy and cold this morning and a day that would be best spent in my jammies on the couch with an afghan! Brings back great childhood memories of chilling out on the couch with an afghan that my grandma Adkins knitted.
Anyway, no time for that though. Have to take my youngest to the doctors for a complete physical. My oldest is sick with this dreadfull cough going around - no fever just an annoying cough.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

these are fantastic, Sandy! And I love being able to see them in the stages of creation... smiles!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, These are amazing! Stephanie and I were painting the other night while watching one of Donna's DVD and all we did was a simple butterfly. They were cute but these are incredible! Thanks for sharing. I look forward each day to seeing what you've done. Hope you have a great day! Kim