Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Everything's coming up ROSES!
Had a fabulous class this morning! We painted roses on a wooden plate and I was thrilled and amazed at how well everyone did!

Terry ~ She was able to jump ahead which is great cause she knows what she's doing! Isn't it lovely?

This is JO and this was her first time painting! Jo you did so well and I love the different border you added - leaves! Very pretty.


This was Margie's second class! She painted snowmen with me a couple of months ago and she went on to paint more! Her family thought she purchased the snowmen boxes cause they were too cute! Way to go Margie! Keep painting!

Nicole ~
LOVE the softness of your roses Nicole. Thanks for bringing your friend! Hope Mauri and your mom get over the flu soon!
Loved the banter between you and Vaunna at class. Too funny comparing how much paint was all over your palettes - healthy, fun competition!

Vaunna ~ This was Vaunna's 3rd class I think and I have to say my favorite of all that you've painted so far. You can tell that you are practicing those strokes!
Hi Vaunna's mom! She told me you check in to see her class picture. Isn't she doing an awesome job!

This is "J's" plate. She was unable to be on camera (confidentiality reasons) but isn't her plate awesome for her first ever painting class?

Teaching the same class tonight - 6 other ladies - 3 that have never painted before. I'll share those pictures tomorrow.

BOWLING SCORES from yesterday - aren't worth sharing but... I bowled a 173, 126, and 136. Should have stayed home!

HAVE A GREAT Wednesday! :)

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