Monday, January 15, 2007

Had a great painting class today ~

Mom and daughters -
Lexie, Katie (SP?) and Nicole (mom ~ can you believe it? The girls are 15 and 19)
Hope I look that great when my kids are that age.

The girls added a lot of FUN to the class. They were hilarious and had so many of the same expressions and comments. When each of them walked in separately they sat down and said "we're painting that?"
Didn't they do an awesome job?!!
Katie's boyfriend sat to the side and was so sweet and encouraging!


FUNNY Nicole - jumps ahead of me and just does it!
She's taken several classes from me and just finished a mural in her home! Will share pics when she sends them to me!
Missed Nicoles mom today - she is home with the FLU - hope you are feeling better soon !

When I have a full class (6 students) I do a drawing for my painted canvas at the end of the class and Vaunna has won both times now! This was only her second class and didn't she do well?!

This was her first class and she did so well !
Pam ~ I have your water bottle and will bring it to your next class :)


Those leaves are awesome! She is going to fill them in more in the middle (we ran out of time) This was her 3rd class and aren't those violets pretty?!

Bought this bunny at HL the other day on sale and wanted to brighten his life just a bit ! hehehe
I purchased some Fitz and Floyd rabbits when I lived in Japan 16 years ago and I painted this one to match. I used Enamels so it could go outside if I wanted to put him in the garden (after 21 days the paint will be permanent).


Anonymous said...

Thank you again for today Sandy! We had a great time and really enjoyed the class. Cant wait until next week. Your classes have become a highlight in my life! Im addicted!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time, and I LOVE the violets! I agree with Nicole - you and your classes are addictive! I miss you, I mean, gosh...hasn't it been more than 24 hours since I talked to you? GEE WHIZ!