Saturday, December 16, 2006

OKAY...I couldn't leave you hangin'

These are the very vintage - 70'ish things that I purchased the other day. I bought these at the base thrift shop for $15.00 and thought "hey, I have paint that I can use on that"

I think they will really look awesome - once I get the chance to paint them.

Went to the Mall today - hate the mall. BUT it wasn't that bad. Took son #2 after his indoor soccer game which they won 8-4 (he scored a hat trick - 3 goals for all you non soccer fans). He LOVED every sports store that we went into and since we don't go to the mall - EVER - he was just amazed at all the stores. NOW...they've been to the Mall of America and know about stores but I stay away from malls - too many people (especially this time of year) and too much temptation to spend money that I don't need to spend.


Doriann said...

Shoot.....see what happens when you miss a day at the TS. Look forward to seeing what you do with those. The doves and reindeer look nice on the tree too.

Anonymous said...

wow - you're scoring some great buys lately! can't wait to see what you do with those :)

and i for one am thanking you for blogging about the diet coke. I swear I feel so ADD sometimes - you just may have changed my ways. I will definitely be more aware and TRY to stop drinking my sodas. I stopped drinking coke as much and now drinking Fresca. Even that will be hard to give up. But great to hear how much better you feel without it! That speaks volumes!

Anonymous said...

will you see this comment????

Did you ever paint these?