Thursday, December 14, 2006

$1.25 ~
That is how much it cost me for these vintage doves and plastic reindeer and faux pearl necklace. How cute are they?
I had a meeting at the base thrift shop and they were sitting on the table ~ too cute and too cheap to pass up!
Here is a close up of the doves and my youngest son insisted that the reindeer go on top of the tree like they were flying ~ so there they are.

Taught this wisteria class yesterday and had a blast! Everyone did so well and I hope had a lot of fun. Missing photo of Sherry ~ she had to leave for a doctors appt. but did such a good job and hopefully she'll send me pictures?? to post.

This is mine. I created this class adapted from an original that I did this summer at Super Convention ~ designed by Angela Anderson (see my July Archives). I wanted to do something that people could hang all year round and not just something for the holidays. I still am amazed at how well these ladies ~ some that have never ever painted before can do this in 2 hours!

Vaunna ~ this was her first class and was so very quiet and unsure but I think she did an amazing job!

Not only did they have to paint the wisteria and rosebuds that learned how to faux finish their canvas too!

Brenda ~
Her very first class too! Proud momma to the two lovely ladies below - Mauri and Nicole. Talent runs in the family!

Mauri ~ this was her second class ~ gorgeous wisteria ~ she wanted to do three wisteria bunches to balance out her picture and isn't it beautiful?! It was also her birthday and she spent it with us!

Nicole ~ her third class and she really is a natural - she has been making teacher gifts and Christmas plates and they are absolutely gorgeous! Way to go Nicole! Keep up the painting!

A Family Painting ~

Brenda (mom)
Mauri and Nicole (sisters)

How awesome is that? Very neat that these two girls are painting with their mom and they are all learning very fast and doing amazing things!

Terry ~ again! At almost every one of my classes! She is awesome and has learned to paint so fast!
After the class she took it over to the frame shop there at Hobby Lobby and had it matted and framed and it looks amazing - she is giving it to her mom for Christmas ~ she's gonna love it girl!

Off to a Mad Hatter Tea Party this morning with the Spouses group on base. Have nothing to wear - I do have a hat but have to go dig through my closet to see what will fit today ~ a daily issue ~ BUT after watching the Biggest Loser last night and seeing the amazing weight loss I'm motivated to get out there and get it OFF!

BACK TO SUMMER~ It's supposed to be 74 today - Is it December?? 70's all week and back down to winter temps next week they say! CRAZY.


Anonymous said...

Sandy, The Wisteria Canvas is GORGEOUS! Steph and I will HAVE to take that class when you offer it again on a Saturday!
Kim Thompson

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I love wisteria and these paintings are all gorgeous. Huge kudos to these gals' awesome teacher!!! Love catching up with your blog and that mad hatter tea sounds so fun! smiles...