Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yesterday I heard a report about the increasing number of women getting Alzheimers and starting in their 40's. Today I heard a report that sodas carry a carcinogen - BENZENE which can cause several types of cancer - levels were higher when sodas were stored in the heat or direct sunlight. The FDA of course said that the levels were fine and that Soda drinkers have nothing to worry about. Wasn't that the same story with cigarettes long ago?
I have to tell you that I can tell a HUGE difference in my body and my mind since I've stopped drinking Diet Coke. I know your are asking yourself "how many times is she going to blog about it?"
Well, it took me a long time to stop drinking it ~ but I am convinced now more than ever that it does do something to our body and more importantly to our brains that isn't good.
I had gotten to the point where my thoughts were so scattered that I could go around in circles all day long and get nothing done. I use to feel very ADHD sometimes. I FORGOT a lot of things ~ mostly short term memory things like what did I just say? what just happened? what happened last week?
It tastes so good and I think has something in it that causes us to become addicted to it - not only the caffeine but the other chemicals that do something to us that feel great short term but I BELIVE are doing long term damage. my soda soap box ~ for now. hehehe
Off to a painting class this morning. Have a full class and have my camera already packed so I won't forget to take pics again. We are painting a fabulous canvas and I'll share those photos with you later.
Didn't go bowling yesterday as I got in the car and drove up to the farm to get some goodies out of my in-laws freezer. They needed to defrost it and make room for some fresh meat going in next week so I loaded up 3 coolers full of yummy farm grown vegetables (I didn't take the ones I had never eaten before in my life ~ like greens? I wouldn't know how to cook them) and some steaks and hamburger meat. Lots of Strawberry freezer jam too! YUM!
I had a blast driving up by myself and singing very loudly to some Christmas songs - my boys usually ask me to stop singing~LOL. More this time than others driving up to the farm, I noticed how many OLD wooden homes that are run over with weeds and falling in roofs and so WISHED I could have taken out the windows that were in them~ such a waste ~ sitting there rotting ~ when I could truly use them.
Better get. Will share photos with ya later!

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Lisa said...

I have been reading your blog and I have to say that I am so glad to meet you! You have so many great posts! I know about the diet Coke thing because I used to work with Dr.s and they would always tell us never to drink that stuff! I love how you have a great sense of humor and I can tell you are very nice! Thaks again! Lisa :)