Friday, December 15, 2006

Mad Hatter Tea Party
Had our Tea Party today with the spouses group! We had a blast!
We ate the best scones, tea sandwiches, and lots of yummy goodies that we dipped in the chocolate fountain ~ marshmellows, strawberries and pound cake. YUM. I was very good though and only ate 1/2 of a scone, 2 marshmellows and 3 strawberries (covered in chocolate).
Here are some pics - the rest were blurry - hating my camera the moment - maybe santa will bring me a new one or maybe I can get the instruction booklet for this HP and see what's up with it or what's up with me.
Here's a pic of Terry and I in front of the Christmas tree.

Terry and Jamie - they dared each other to lick the chocolate off their plate - had to take a picture of that!

We asked our members to bring at least 2 dozen cookies/candies/fudge or other yummy desserts that we could package up for the men and women living in the dorms on base. I brought all of the goodies home and packaged them up into 22 turkey pans. I'm not a very good judge of how long it takes to do things ~ I thought I can whip that out in a couple hours - 5 hours later ~ my husband chipped in and helped me! He cleaned the kitchen from the mess I made from making a dinner for a friend that just had a baby, he picked up all the trays and put them up on the table (my kitchen was covered with trays) and brought them to me to cover with plastic and then loaded my car up ~ all after getting home at 9pm from taking son #1 to basketball practice. We fell into bed at 11:30 p.m. which is VERY late for the two of us.
OKAY....I've tried to upload a picture of something else I bought yesterday (VERY VINTAGE) and it won't load - OKAY...I'll be honest I got the picture loaded and hit the wrong button and it deleted it and now I can't get it to load again (12 tries now). SO, I'll try later. This is certainly going to be a before and after opportunity for me and hope I can get to this project done soon so I can show you the after! Maybe I'll wait and show you what I'm talking about once I've finished it ~ or do you want to see the before now?
IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE SUMMER! 72 degrees today and suppose to be 74 tomorrow - this is after last week's 18 degrees and my pipes freezing!


Anonymous said...

You and Terry are too cute in your hats! Kim

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having your blog. I get to copy all kinds of pictures of my wife that I haven't seen before. Thanks for all the joy you have brought my wife!