Friday, December 08, 2006

BURR! It sure was cold here this morning in middle Georgia! Low 40's so we broke out the hot chocolate and marshmellows! yummy! It has been in the 70's here for forever it seems and it's nice to have that chill in the air! Sure does wake me up.

I painted these glasses and carafe for my friend CeeAnn to give as a gift this Christmas. Hope the recipient enjoys them! I love these stemless wine glasses (not for wine - YUK) but for juice for the kids. Perfect size.

This is a poinsettia plate for a class I'm teaching tomorrow! Way behind on getting everything together for that.

Also teaching a canvas class with a Winter Wonderland scene - will share those pictures tomorrow.

Just found out this morning that my oldest is in NEED of braces! YIKES! They showed me the bill and it's gonna be painful. My youngest needs them too but has to wait for his 12 baby teeth to come out before they put them in. Austin (my oldest) said to me this a.m. "Great, I just got rid of the 4 eyes and now I'm gonna be known as brace face" poor kid! Hope no one teases him! I could have them on this month but have decided that I want him to be able to eat lots of things during the holidays that I know will be off limits after he gets them on so January 4th it is.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm still off Diet Coke?
These are things I have noticed since I've stopped drinking them:
* I do not have mood swings ~ okay maybe I do every now and then but it's not every 10 minutes like it was before.
* I do not crash around 1p.m. like I was doing every day ~ feeling exhaused and having no energy.
* I do not CRAVE sweets or get urges to binge like I did when I was hyped up on DC
* I do not have headaches, body and muscle aches like I was having daily.
* I have gone to the grocery store LESS. I was always going cause I was always drinking all the DC I had in the house and then you know what happens when you buy other stuff and other stuff that I was craving and my stop for 1 item turned into $100.00 of other things. So, I'm saving money too!

Better run and get organized and ready for my classes tomorrow. In the words of my good friend (Chris Comeau) Have an OUTSTANDING DAY!

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