Friday, December 01, 2006

December already?
I'm still trying to figure out where September, October, and November went! It's the last month of the year! I just can't seem to wrap my head around that it's almost 2007!

My baby (okay ~ he is 12) my first born ~ just got contacts. He has truly amazed me with the responsibility that comes with having to care for contacts and putting them in his eyes and taking them out. For the first few days I was having to coach him through it (his PopPop helped him out too when they were here). Now when I remind him to put them in before school or take them out before his shower in the evening ~ it's already been done. He is a bit on the OCD side so I knew he'd get it down quickly! I have to admit too that I thought for sure that by now I'd get a call from him from school all in a panic cause one of his contacts popped out and he can't find it and needs his glasses but NO that hasn't happened. My 12 year old is growing up and before I know it he will be in college and out of my house. I'm so scared thinking about that.
AND with the years flying by like they are now it will be here before I know it.

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from this guy John with the local Habitat for Humanity office. He is retired military and the Director for HGH here. He makes these amazing bird houses at the wood shop on the base here. He was asking around for a local artist to paint the bird houses he makes to auction off at their event in the spring to raise money for HFH. (I thought about teaching classes there but it is 30 minutes from my house and I'm not too keen on driving at night when most of the classes would be held) So, they had my information and passed it on to him and we met and he saw my portfolio and asked if I'd be interested in painting them as the lady that did them for the last several years had been diagnosed with colon cancer and they didn't want to bother her with it this year as she is trying to win this cancer battle. I was very honored and honestly have always wanted to be a part of HFH. I painted these awesomely constructed bird houses and here are some pictures of what I did ~

Sunflowers with bees and butterflies

English Cottage


Patriotic house

My favorite - barn style with sunflowers and daisies

Blogger is not cooperating with me at the moment and letting me upload all the pictures so I will share those maybe tomorrow as I've tried about 22 times now to upload the same picture and although it says that it's been done the picture is not there. SO.....I'll share more with you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to be involved in, Sandy, and the houses are beautiful!!! smiles...

Anonymous said...

I hope John was as impressed with the birdhouses as I was! I think your giving nature is so inspiring. Puts me in the Holiday Spirit! Hugs, Terry