Tuesday, December 05, 2006

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my older sister & her hubby
19 years today!
Lovin' these snowmen!
Taught another SNOWMAN painting class yesterday. We switched it up a bit by painting a larger round box and changed the way we painted the bottom half from my last snowman class.
So impressed with what these ladies accomplished all in 2 HOURS! Can you believe it?

Kay ~


(SHHH! She took off work this morning to take my class)

Mother and Daughter

Ashley was a complete RIOT and great fun to have in class! She wasn't quite sure how her snowman was turning out but doesn't it look AWESOME! They all did so great~

I love the way we painted the base this time. Last time I taught this class I painted holly leaves and evergreen sprigs around it. This time we did a stripe to make it look like the snowmans scarf. This would make such a great gift filled with snowman ornaments or cookies and candies!
Off to bowling ~ will hopefully have good scores to share!
Have to get ready for some painting classes this weekend - we are painted canvas and glass. Plus, got a huge box of scrapbooking stuff yesterday and am ready to get some pages done ~ not that I really needed anything new but it sure is fun to play with new stuff isn't it. My photos are screaming at me STILL to do something with them.
Have a fabulous Tuesday!
Do something nice for someone today without them knowing it's you!
Sit down and write a note to a friend that you haven't seen in a while ~ I did 2 yesterday! Won't they just fall over when they get that letter - handwritten and for no special reason ~ other than to tell them that I think of them so often and miss being around them (they live in England) and me in Georgia.
Here are my bowling scores from today - not that great but consistent~ 143, 148, and 158.

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Anonymous said...

CUTE cute snowmen! :)

love your challenge about doing something nice for someone (like a handwritten note)...in this computer age ~ a handwritten note is so nice! you are so thoughtful to do that!