Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year - almost

We had such a fantastic time up at the farm (my in-laws place).
We played lots of games, had lots of fun and ate way too much food!

Here are some of the pics i couldn't upload earlier cause they were Christmas gifts ~

I painted and gave this saltbox house window to my friend Terry. Her husband purchased 3 windows of mine for her already and I hated to give her another but had already started it before he purchased his and my mind was set on it. It started out as a winter scene but when he purchased the Santa window and Harvest/Fall window I wanted to do something that wasn't seasonal so that she could have it out year round.

Here are some of the teacher gifts that I did - forgot to take pictures of all of them -phewy.

We're having another weekend filled with fun, laughs, games and lots of family time. My hubbys brothers, sister-in-law and nephew are here for the weekend (from up near Augusta, Atlanta, and Texas). My husband and I are really not LATE night people but we were up til midnight last night playing games and then started watching a movie - we of course were the first to go to bed. My brother-in-law Michael has a habit of scaring people and last night he got me really good. I walked into my room and started to get into bed and he jumped out from just beside and half underneath my bed - I screached very loudly! I think I half expected him to scare me but didn't expect him to be under my bed. His wife and I got him back though - when he got in the shower - we hid out in two different places in house and scared him as he came out! He seemed a bit spooked but it takes a lot to scare him!
My two boys come back today - YAHOO! We surprised them with Atlanta Hawks tickets for Christmas (they don't really care for the Hawks but they were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers and they are big Lebron James fans) so were thrilled to go to an NBA game. After the game my hubby dropped them off with my sister in law and neice and nephew and they stayed at a hotel to get a head start on seeing Atlanta. They toured Altanta all day and then headed back to her house to stay until today. I'm sure they've had fun but I sure have missed them so much. I was thankful that my sister-in-law called every day just to say hey and let me know all was well - I'm a bit over protective and I didn't want my boys to think I was checking up on them. I hope they haven't driven her crazy ~ too much. hehehe

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