Monday, December 11, 2006

Had a fabulous weekend ~ filled with lots of family time and lots of painting. I cannot share pictures of what I painted at home cause they are Christmas gifts. I can however, share with you photos from my two painting classes I did this weekend.
I completely forgot my camera for the first class but my darling hubby brought it up to me after he got home from my sons basketball camp. Luckily Kim and Stephanie stayed for the second class so I got to take photos of their Winter Wonderland canvas.

Charlene - like a lot of people that want to paint, told me she has a bunch of supplies and almost all of them are still in their original packages. She did such an awesome job! First time painting and isn't her plate gorgeous!
I have a feeling she'll be back for more classes.

My good friend and faithful painting class participant ~ Terry. She always does an awesome job! She had a very very busy day and found time to come and have a bit of fun with the rest of us! Thank you Terry for making the time!

Kim ~ another faithful class participant! This was her 4th class! It's exciting to hear too that she is taking what she's learned in the classes and making gifts for Christmas! How special it will be when those recipients open those gifts and have something handpainted by YOU or your daughters! It's amazing how different all the plates are and how beautiful they turned out!

Stephanie ~
Has been to every class but one with her mother and the one she didn't come to she got to paint at home! Again, I think that is awesome that you guys are taking what you are learning and not only practicing but giving away your very beautiful pieces!
Gorgeous plate!

Here is the Winter Wonderland scene that we painted on canvas. Cute and sweet little painting that could anywhere in the house for the holidays. We had a full class and hopefully everyone will email me their pictures like they said they would so I can share what everyone did!

We had some CRAZY COLD weather here the other day. It was 17 ( a record here in middle GA) and our pipes froze! Thankfully they didn't burst but we had to wait for them to thaw out so that we could use our water. Then today it is 68 degrees. CRAZY! I did go through the boys dressers and closets and switched out summer clothes finally and realized how little my kids have that fit them especially the two older boys ~ they grow way too fast! My youngest of course has way too many with two brothers clothes that have been passed down.

I've made a decision that I'm still not sure I can uphold. I decided that this Christmas I couldn't stress myself out with trying to get Teacher gifts made. Last year I was so busy with everything else and on top of it all painted something for each of my boys teachers - 17 total. Do teachers expect Christmas gifts? Do you think the teachers my older son had last year that teach my middle son this year are expecting something? Will they feel slighted if I don't make something for them this year? I will of course make them something for the end of the year but still have that urge and feeling like I should MAKE them something. What do you think? I did buy them a small box of chocolates but I don't know if it's what I want to send in. My boys don't care and in fact won't take the presents in ~ I have to take them to the office and drop them off cause they are too embarassed to give them to their teachers in class - boys!

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