Sunday, September 17, 2006

YAHOO!! Our town got a HOBBY LOBBY!
Went to Hobby Lobby last week to see if they had a One Stroke Painting Instructor
yet and they didn't and were very excited that I came in. YEAH! They will provide me with a class room and allow me to teach classes and the only deal is that the attendees must purchase their project items at Hobby Lobby! Win Win situation if you ask me!
I met my friend Terry there on Friday morning for their soft opening and spent 2 1/2 hours shopping. It was overwhelming the amount of stuff they have and so much needed in this town. The only other craft store in town is Michaels and belive me they will have a run for their money now - cause you could fit 4 of their stores in HL ~ which means the selection on everything is so much better.
After shopping Friday, I had to go back on Saturday and get the things I saw and wish I had purchased on Friday. On Friday, when I was finished I walked up to the register with no lines whatsoever and on Saturday it was a different story - 11 registers I think and all about 15/20 deep with people. It was a mad house and very crazy!
Here are some of the goodies I got and all of it was 50% off!
The stamp set I think was my best value for money item ~ 70 stamps with the entire alphabet (upper and lower case) plus punctuation and numbers ~ originally $24.99 and I got it half price! The green and orange boards I'm gonna use for my painting class tomorrow here at my house ~ we're painting something for FALL/HARVEST.
The round ceramic ornaments that I already started painting like PEACHES, since I live here in GA ~ thought those would make awesome ornaments and they were the right price .50cents each.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the London and Paris signs! After living in Europe for 5 years I just thought they would look awesome in my house. Now, I'm gonna work on some canvas collages using the pictures I have from both places. Would still love to find ROME as this was one our favortie places we visited as a family while living in Europe. They were cheap too $12.99 and $9.99 and then half off!

Love these bath enamel pans! Don't be mad at my Terry! We both loved them when we saw them on Friday and we only saw this one set up on top of a shelf. They were being used to decorate the top of a shelf and I just had to find out how much they were when I went back on Saturday. The larger one was only $14.99 and the smaller one $8.99 PLUS 50% off that! I looked for another set cause I was actually gonna buy them for my friend T but they had no more that I saw. sorry.
They look great on my jacuzzi tub!

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Christi said...

You scored! I adore Hobby Lobby, but find that I better stay out of there for the sake of my marriage. :p smiles...