Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bowling Tuesday - OUCH!
I should have stayed home from bowling today actually - my scores were terrible!
My average had gone up to 155 but after today I'm sure it will go WAY down.
I bowled a 121, 160, and a big whopping 117.
Good NEWS though - I filled my first One Stroke painting class at Hobby Lobby!!!! YAHOO!!
I had a fabulous painting class at my house yesterday and this is what we painted:

Had a great class and the ladies did so well!! Now they have something to hang on their wall for FALL. Love the stamps - we used those instead of painting the letters. It was nice that I could lay them out to get my spacing before stamping each one! I'm busy busy busy for the next couple of days with spouses club stuff. We play bingo on Thursday - but I never win so if I do it will be a big deal!!! and of course I'll post my winnings!!

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