Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LABOR Weekend
I think my husband took the Labor Day weekend literally and thought we needed to do some hard labor around the house!
We had fun though and make such a good team! We put railing around our deck out back and it looks awesome. He said he was going to Lowes to see what they had and he came back with a van full of stuff to start the fun. We put the entire thing up after church on Sunday and yesterday he went out to get paint and stain to complete the job ~ something I'll do when the kids are in school and daddy is at work. This was one of those unfinished jobs left by the builder and it just looked incompleted so we completed it and we're very happy with our handy work if I say so myself.
I rearranged some furniture - something my hubby just loves to do - NOT - and finally got a rack to hold most of my paints so that I can have them in one place and not 5 different drawers. Probably need to get a second with as much paint as I have - OR - I just need to paint more - that sounds better to me.
Back to work and school today and I'm off to bowl with the wives! Bowled way to high last week since those numbers are used to set our averages and now we'll have to see if I can keep it up.
Miss all my girls in England - thanks for checking out my blog! and my bestest friend Nancy Mc. got your message ~ almost made me cry ~ thank you!
Have a fantastic week!

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