Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8, 2006
Happy Friday!
I was quite busy the past couple of days and had no time to write. Had to get ready for a spouses board meeting and then had that yesterday as well as a program by the Aviation Musuem for the board. That was fun. Then off to lunch with the the First Lady of Georgia, Mrs. Perdue to talk about the importance of Court Child Advocates. Very interesting. Very sad and disturbing to hear all the facts about abused and neglected children.
Today was the first day this week that I am just at home - don't have to go anywhere or do anything expect clean this house of mine.
Wanted to share a BEFORE picture with you of a piece of furniture I picked up at an auction while in Nebraska this summer (visiting my awesome friend Nancy and family).
It was dirt cheap $15.00 I think and was covered in terrible brown paint. It's not an heirloom piece but fun with the magazine pouches on the sides. I've been inspired to paint it a certain way - of course, it's up in my head so now I have to get it out! Will share when I do.
Have a great weekend!

BTW: Gas was $2.37 a gallon yesterday.

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