Monday, September 25, 2006

No longer MIA
Can't believe it's been almost a week since I blogged. I have to admit that I got on several times and was just too busy to sit and write.
Thursday of last week we had our spouses club BINGO - didn't win a thing - didn't expect to so wasn't disappointed when I didn't. We had a record number turn out for our function which was very exciting. Friday, I helped some friends work on a special surprise for an event they have coming up. Hubby came home and ran out the door with son #1 and #3 to go to the McTier Family Reunion in Thomson, GA. I had the car packed (forgot some items - allergy medicines, socks for son#1) and they were off. Kendall had 3 soccer games this weekend so we stayed behind to go to those. It makes me so nervous that they put him in as goalie. He did really well though the entire weekend and they won 2 of the 3 games. He had some awesome saves! Here is a pic of him during practice just before game #1.

Family came home while we were at the third game yesterday which we won 5-1 ~ all exhausted from a busy weekend and way too much food! My fabulous father-in-law had these beautiful pomagranites (SP?) growing in his yard so he picked some with me in mind!! SWEET! He thought it would make good inspiration for a painting! I'm working on it and will share when I'm done.

My friend Terry is coming over to paint this morning and I got a head start. I haven't painted in well over a week and it was driving me crazy! As soon as I got my stuff together I couldn't wait and got to painting. I LOVE this canvas painting. I got the idea from a painting Donna Dewberry did for the auction during Super Education Convention this summer and I just had to do something like it. I couldn't get a great picture of hers at the auction because of all the stage lights but had a blurry enough picture that I got the idea of how things were painted. I've also been looking through the Sunday paper ads for inspiration with bed spreads, curtains and any thing else that is similar to this. Haven't decided if I'm going to frame it or not. It's in my dining room right now (the red room) but since I never keep anything that I paint for myself I'm not even sure it will stay in my house.

After I painted the canvas I had WAY too much paint on my plates so I had to paint something else. I used the fabric paint on both (a new paint by PLAID that is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!) Right now it's only available on HSN and Donna will be on HSN on the 28th with more hopefully! It's soft, doesn't dry hard, and is so easy to apply. I love the green and white on this ORANGE shirt. I applied swarovski crystals to the middles of each flower. Wanted to go crazy with the crystals but thought the shirt had just enough on it without going over the top.
Not sure what Terry and I are gonna paint today but have so much to get busy working on. I've been picking up ornaments here and there and should get a jump start on those before the holidays. Have some Christmas presents I need to start working on and some glassware for my mom's friends. Just not enough hours in the day!
Have a fabulous week!

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