Tuesday, September 05, 2006

bowling scores
Okay...before I wash them off my hand let me tell you how I bowled today. My first game I came out blazin' with a 173 then reality hit and I bowled a 136 and my last game a 158.
Not too bad but typically inconsistant for me.
Back on the no sugar thing and all was going great til I read Heidi Swapp's blog about chocolate chip cookies and that is all I've thought about since yesterday after reading it. Today I feel sluggish, tired and would really like to crawl under the covers but no a mother's work is never done so I best get myself in gear and get dinner going, homework finished, and since I have one on restriction from the TV I should see if he wants to read with me. Maybe a small bite of a C.C.C. won't hurt me.... or maybe I'll just smell it and dream ~ I'll keep you posted.

BTW ~ Gas today was $2.45 -wow, hope it keeps coming down.

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Anonymous said...

Great bowling scores, as always, Sandy!!!! ...and building a deck...UGH! that is some crafting that I wouldn't want to do!! :) smiles, Christi