Saturday, September 09, 2006

Busy busy today but made time for ART today! Took my oldest and youngest sons to their bowling leagues this morning. My oldest has moved up and is now bowling with the Jrs. & Srs. This means that he is bowling with kids his age and up to 19/20. YIKES - He is 12! I don't want him exposed to what they will be talking about not to mention their actions. He is on a good team though with other 12 year olds and one 17 year old that is very kind so at least he is not mixed in with a bunch of 18 & 19 yr olds. They both bowled well and had a great day! I was BUSY and didn't get to watch either of them bowl today. I am a parent coach so I help the bantam preps (6-11) and make sure they bowl on the right lane, keep their shoes tied, keep them seated until it's their turn to bowl and give lots of high fives and "way to go" and "it's okay, don't cry, you'll get another ball".
Middle son had soccer today and they won 2 to nil. He played in goal the second half which makes DH and I so nervous! He plays again tomorrow (URGH! You'd think that in the Bible belt they wouldn't have sports on Sundays) and the game is in Savannah - 3 hours away - so that will be 6 hours travel time for a hour game or just over. Crazy.
Here is what I did today: I saw Keisha Campbell (on Christi's links) do something similar to this with the clipboard and I just loved it. Took a picture of myself and just created.

Picked up these two pairs of flip flops at the craft store for close to nothing about a month ago and decided since I had paint out I'd get them painted as well. Good thing I can still wear them - it's still summer down here in middle GA.


Christi said...

Sandy, that clipboard is gorgeous!!! LOVE IT!!! really pretty flip-flops!!! smiles...

Norah's said...

Sandy, I love love your clipboard. You have inspired me to do something with this ugly one that I have recently been using to do my lady sketches while watching TV. Maybe today.