Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My baby is "10" today!!!!
I cannot believe that my youngest is already 10 years old. A decade! Where did that time go??? I never really believed it when people would say "they'll be out of the house before you know it" and here my baby is "10". YIKES!
Holland is the comic in our family and at least once a day cracks us up with some joke or remark. One of our favorite to date is ~ one day he asked DH and I where cognito was? Get it INcognito. He thought it was a place you go and it just cracked us up to the point of sore ribs from laughing so hard.
Speaking of laughs ~ he has a great laugh! It makes me laugh or smile when I hear him laugh cause it's just so cute and contagious!

Update on my dad is that he doesn't need stints in his heart but during the surgery his blood pressure dropped dramatically and they kept him in the hospital overnight. He'll hopefully get to come home tomorrow - chatted with mom today and she was exhausted!

One of my favorite stores is opening this week and cannot wait!!!! HOBBY LOBBY!!!!!!
I walked through it today to chat with the manager about teaching painting classes and SAW SO MUCH STUFF THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!!! It opens this Friday and the Grand Opening is next Wednesday (Sept.18) might be doing a demostration painting during this time. Will keep you posted and post any pictures if I do.

Have to go and decorate this cake before my boys get off the bus.

UPDATE: Got the cake decorated and ready just before the boys got off the bus. We ran a couple of errands and then ate a fabulous dinner at Longhorn Steak House. They surprised Holland with a nice LOUD song and bowl of ice cream. Sure do wish I could make steak like that at home! Melted in my mouth!
Uncle Matt, Aunt Debbie, Hannah and Andrew came over for cake and ice cream (which Steven and I didn't eat any of )boohoo boohoo - we are off sugar right now and I got a headache while slicing it up just from smelling it. Holland wanted chocolate cake with vanilla icing between the two layers and chocolate icing all over! YUM!!! I so wanted to sit down with a fork and eat a bunch of it. DH has lost 12 lbs. so far and me 10 lbs.

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