Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Painting class project ~
These are the tissue boxes we are going to paint in my first HL class this Saturday.
Haven't decided if we'll have time to paint all the way around the box or if we'll just
get one side done and they can paint the rest when they take it home.

Sunflowers with white daisies

Sunflower with bee

Off to meetings today (OSC scholarship stuff) and then shopping to get all the supplies for my class on Saturday.

Yesterdays bowling scores are worth noting : 170, 181 and 173. Had a 524 series which ties me for the highest series of the season so far! YEAH! I'm sure it will passed - it's early in the season.
Supposed to be HOT today around 90 - is it fall where you are? It's still summer in middle GA most days!
Paid $2.09 yesterday for gas and my in-laws paid $1.94 this past weekend I think in South Carolina. If it gets below $2.00 I'm gonna take a picture of the sign. Wish I had done the same when it was around $3.00 a gallon.

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