Wednesday, August 30, 2006

~ Painted Glass~

Here is something else I painted today! It's a window you can put 4x6 photos on. Just love pansies and had to paint them again.

Well, my mom asked me to paint some glasses and pitcher for some friends there in Germany and she wanted their horses on them. I still have two more glasses and the pitcher to paint but wanted to share what I've done so far. Wasn't too sure about the idea at first but have to admit that I really do like them and hope my mom's friend does as well.
Got a couple of windows screaming at me as well to be painted so have to shut them up and paint them today ~ will share later. Plus, I have to make one of the banners like my friend Christi (check out my link to the right) did but think I'll make mine say either create or ART.
Have an outstanding day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

That's what a gallon of regular unleaded is costing today! Wonder how much it will go up before the holiday weekend and since we're in the south east I wonder how much the hurricane will affect prices. I'll keep you posted.

Back to bowling today with the wives league. Did quite well ~ but it wasn't the day to bowl high numbers as were getting our averages - I bowled a 174, 179 and a 129 ~ by the third game I was so tired and ready for it to be over. Haven't bowled since this summer with my good friend Nancy and family in NE.

Christi ~ love the banner - what did you make it out of? Chipboard or cardstock? Wouldn't let me leave comments ~ what's up?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy birthday Oma!
We love you and hope you have a fantastic day! We adore you!

Kendall had a really good time at his first out-of state soccer tournament. They lost their first game and won their second and third games but that wasn't enough to get them into the finals. We were bummed but excited that they'd be home in time for dinner (which was picked up at the chinese restaurant on their way home) Hubby is off today and is spending the day doing yard work then haircuts for him and the boys when they get home. Don't you just love all the little details I share with you? HAHAHA

I just spent over an hour uploading all of my pictures of the things I painted this weekend and blogger dumped on me so nothing was published ~ URGH!!! I have to eat lunch since I haven't yet eaten breakfast and will edit this later with my pics from the weekend.

Okay....edit 1 ~ still trying to get my things uploaded. Here are a couple and will continue to add throughout the day if BLOGGER lets me!

I love this window - don't know where I'm gonna hang it - or if I sell it I won't hang it in my house which will be just fine. It has a hydrangea, sunflower, pansies, roses, daises, and poppies. Love it!

I love this little sunflower jar - It is a Yankee Candle jar that of course I cleaned after it made my house smell yummy with Macintosh Apples. I flipped the lid upside down and glued it to the jar. My hubby had a great idea to put something inside the jar before attaching the lid and I just might have to do that next time - better start
burning those candles.

Another window I love. The places with the three checkered panes are to fit 4x6 pictures. I've attached photo corners so that photos can be changed out. Haven't decided if I'm gonna put anything in the middle top pane. I kinda like it plain. What cha think? I want to know? leave me a comment?

After living in England for 5 years I have a thing for the Union Jack flag. I used to paint hundreds of them when I was doing my ornaments in England (I miss making those). I started painting the flag on the top part of the glass and it was just too much so I thought the base was just enough and more elegant then having the whole glass covered.

Okay....trying still to upload - blogger just dumped all
pics again! URGH! Persistance will pay off though!

Pitcher with Blue daisies and cherry blossoms

Pitcher with red,white and blue flowers
(roses, daisies, lilac, etc.)

Blue pitcher with white hydrangeas and bees

Blue pitcher with pink & white daisies & bees.

Friday, August 25, 2006

What a week - oh yeah, it isn't over yet

Anyway, it's been quite a week. On Tuesday my middle son came home to tell me that a kid in his class pushed him up against the wall in PE and worse yet cussed profanities and if that wasn't enough there were 6-7 other kids standing next to him. This kid was mad that he dropped the ball and when he said he didn't and my son said he did this got him angry - (how little it takes huh?) anyway.....thankfully the coach walked in, yelled a bit and asked for stories. Of course the kid pushing claimed a different story than my son (I would expect nothing less from someone willing to get in trouble at school) and they were both sent on their way. Well, Wednesday I was home all day ~ praying!!!! Praying that my son wasn't going to be intimidated or injured by this child. Praying for this child that obviously has issues going on in his life that would cause him to get so angry over something so small. Praying that I didn't have to go to the school and ask why they are more concerned if my child wears a belt (due to school dress code) and since everything in that school seems so controlled why was my child alone in a locker room for even one minute alone? Praying that my child would react in a Christian manner as we've raised him and not hit back, use unkind words, or get suspended because he lost his head for a moment. Well, God is good. Our son came home today to tell us nothing happened or could have happened because this other child hit someone later that day and ended up in in-school-suspension. I'm still praying for that child! and thankful that mine doesn't have to deal with this individual until Tuesday of next week. It's been a good learning lesson for my son as well. We've had a lot of good talks this week about different values and beliefs, different family dynamics and reasons for some things that happen in life. There are other things we just can't explain or know and for that it was another good lesson for us to teach all of our sons that sometimes you just have to turn in over to the Lord.

Okay, enough about that. I worked all week trying to get books in order for our OSC board members that thankfully will be handed over this week!!!! I have a full board now as our last position was filled this week and we had record number "new members" join us at our first function so I know it's gonna be a fun year!

My husband was off yesterday and today and I have to say that I'd LOVE to win the lottery so that he can be home all the time! I know strange huh? But I do enjoy having him around. I guess to win the lottery you have to play and we only play when the millions are up there high and by that time the odds are so against us it's a waste of our $5. Anyway, hubby was off again today (Friday) and when our sons got him he was packed and ready to whisk our middle son off to his first out of state soccer tournament. Wish we were all going but I have to sign my other sons up for bowling tomorrow. The soccer tournament will go until late Sunday so they'll return sometime after 9pm - exhaused I'm sure. Since I don't sleep at all when he is gone I should have lots of things to share with you by Monday ~ if I'm not to exhaused to post! HAHAHA
Like I've said before - what a small world we live in! My husband called me from his cell phone and the person on the other end was not my husband but a friend we had while living in England in 1997-2000 ~ Jill. They live in Auburn now and she was at the desk checking people in for the soccer tournament ~ her son plays for the U13 team there. SMALL WORLD!

It's already started. Since hubby will be gone I thought I start getting some of my paints out, old windows cleaned to get ready to paint, etc. and was looking for something in particular. I wanted to find these wooden knobs that I have to glue on to the back of these old rubber stamps that I have. I hate getting the ink on my fingers when I try to lift up these older stamps so I wanted to glue the knobs on to help me lift up the stamp and stay clean! Instead, I found these basket tie ons that I used to make in my kiln for my friend Jeannie in Nebraska! She is an awesome basket weaver and we collaborated on making basket weave ons and tie ons for the baskets she made and taught people to make in classes and for sale . I wish I had taken one of her classes while we were there in Nebrasks but was too busy with everything else I was doing and I never got a chance to. Anyway, I got them out and started dressing up some of my baskets and here are just a few of them.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from the Farm
We had a great time at the farm - it was too quick a trip but fun. I had grand plans to take lots of pics of the farm but it was so HOT! We stayed inside in the air conditioned house until we had to go out.
I went to a TEA party on Saturday with my sister-in-law Lynne and had WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR! I was in a sugar coma the rest of the weekend after not having it for over a week. The food was soooo good and I just had to eat since she paid ~ you know, I didn't want to offend anyone. LOL (So back to my program and thankfully no sugar since Sunday and I FEEL GREAT!)
Saturday night we went to the car races. My brother-in-law won his heat by a mile and the actual race was close but ~ HE WON!! It was a lot of fun to watch - my DH and I were nervous as all get out and so happy to be there to see Michael win. We left Sunday morning to get back home and get ready for the coming week and I had to PAINT!
I painted some things for my sister for her BUNCO gifts and then I had to get my friend (Terry's) birthday present finished. Here are pics of all!

Pansie Cake Plate (BUNCO GIFT)

Dogwood Glasses (BUNCO)

Same Cake Plate that can be turned
upside down and used as a punch bowl.

Sunflower frame (Bunco Gift)

Cake Plate I painted for my good
friend Terry - she is a RED,WHITE, and BLUE fanatic

Of course I couldn't just give her a cake plate without a cake in it so I baked her a cake - yellow cake with white cream cheese frosting.
We played BUNCO and had a fab time! I won for most loses - pays sometimes to be a loser ~ at least it does in Bunco ~ and I had the most mini buncos.
Here are some of the goodies we got:

How fun are those!
We had a great time and I wish I had a picture of the whimisical cake that some friends brought her - it was so cute - I'll have to get a picture and share that! Super cute and girlie!
Gotta run, have a bowling meeting! YEAH ~ bowling starts next Tuesday. I bowl with the spouses group and have missed it since we stopped in May. Hope my average has improved but since I haven't bowled all summer long ~ I doubt it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy
What a busy week. We had our first Officer's Spouse's Function on Thursday and had 29 new members join - fantastic but crazy getting everyone signed up and right paperwork done, etc. Went well though I think. I had to go to an awards ceremony yesterday that was a BIG AF Pep Rally and I had a blast. Here is the article I've written for our OSC publication:
Okay, so I’m sitting in the parking lot thinking of some excuse not to stay for the Team Robins Quarterly Awards. It was hot, I was tired, and honestly, I just didn’t want to go. The OSC gives a $25 AAFES gift card to each winner, and someone is usually there to represent the OSC. I finally decided that I would just go in and hoped that it wouldn’t be boring. There was a sponsor’s section up front, but again, I must admit that I was thinking, “If this is boring, I’m outta here!” So I sat in the back row, last seat closest to the door – have you ever done that?

As I was seated and waiting for things to get started, in walks the 19th Air Refueling Group carrying a beaten up trash can, a bat, empty soda cans, blow horns, and more; I thought, “What in the world are they going to do with that stuff at this formal event?” Well, after the Honor Guard presented the Colors and the ceremony got under way, so did the noise! After the mention of a particular unit’s award nominee, there was a roar of SPIRIT! When the presenter announced that there were judges on the second floor balcony judging the crowd’s response, and the result for the best response would be the SPIRIT AWARD, things just got louder. I sat behind DiCicco and his 116 MXP representatives; they were small but mighty in voice! The 5th Combat Comm contingent was also very, very LOUD with blow horns and noise makers and extremely loud voices. The WR-ALC and AFRC were represented with enthusiasm and a small kazoo as well!
I was at a PEP RALLY, and let me tell you, I was impressed. It was exciting to see these service members show their support and pride for their co-workers, both military and civilian. I was very glad I stayed, and I didn’t leave early either; I stayed until the very end. And, for the moment of truth—the SPIRIT AWARD was presented to the 19th Air Refueling Group – the very same ones that walked in with all that stuff that looked like trash.
I have to admit that I was excited and proud to be a part of the 19th; that’s where my husband works. I had that feeling I used to get at my high school pep rally – fired up, and so excited to be a part of Team Robins! It was exciting to see how enthusiastic these men and women were about being part of Team Robins! I’m so proud to be a military spouse and this event just reminded me of that!

We're off to the farm for the day and back home tomorrow - I love going to the farm - a couple hundred acres of NATURE! I think it helps that I adore my inlaws too! We get to eat our favorite pulled BBQ from NEALS! and then go to the races tonight - Steven's brother races cars so that should be a lot of fun - this is only the second time I've gone ~ and the first time I was hit with a huge piece of twisted up metal that came flying at me about 60 miles per hour and soon after a huge dirt clod hit me hard! BUT...I'll give it a try again and am looking forward to it. I probably should take some armor (armour) with me. Then back home tomorrow. Hate that we are missing church though - thankfully it's recorded and we can watch it the following week.
Anyway, must run - Hubby is rounding everyone up - he's gotten the coffee made, breakfast on the table and car loaded - and I'm still at the computer with rollers in my hair, half dressed, and still have to put on my face ~ I told you how spoiled I am and how wonderful he is didn't I?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


For those of you that know me personally ~ you know how incredibly spoiled I am by this man of mine. He is such a fantastic MAN, a Christian Man, a hands-on DAD, a loving husband, dedicated officer in the Air Force. From the day I met him he has treated me like a princess and continues to do so to this day. He is probably the most "selfless" person I've ever known in my life. He ALWAYS thinks of others (especially their feelings) FIRST! He is a nuturer. He is a giver. AND lucky for me he is also a cleaner and cooker. He grew up seeing his dad cook and clean and it STUCK! He used to be very compulsive about it but has relaxed over the last few years and three kids and has actually passed along a lot of that compulsion on to me - which is fine. We've been married almost 16 years and he is the love of my life!
Happy birthday sweetie. Your kiddos and I love you dearly.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Monday!
Wow! I actually woke up feeling rested this morning!
Doesn't happen often for me but have to believe that it has something to do with
cutting out sugary foods for the past 4 days. I haven't been in a food coma for the
last 4 days which is really nice as well.

Looking forward to my painting class today and then ON THE TREADMILL I go!
Have finally set some small goals of getting this weight off to reach my MAIN goal
which is to ultimately be healthy and happy in my body.

I thought I'd paint an example of what we will do today in class and got
carried away getting some other things done. We will be painting a frame today but
don't think I'll be this ambitious today with 3 new painters. Don't want to discourage them
at their first class. So, we'll possibly do daisies or sunflowers on theirs. Will share pics of their projects if they let me.

Have a great MONDAY!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gallery Glass

I took my very first gallery glass class during
Super Education Convention in Florida the end of
last month and LOVED it! It was quick and easy
and I love the fact that you can cut it with a straight blade if you
need to fix a section of it. Looks so much like stained glass
another art I've always wanted to do but haven't. I have plans
to do the window in my bathroom - will share pics when I get that
done. Gotta get ready for my painting class I'm teaching tomorrow~ so
looking forward to it and have a fun/easy project planned for the 4 ladies
attending. Hope you have a fabulous week!

Saturday, August 12, 2006





Isn't this just the cutest/funniest thing to take a photo and change it up a bit. The dress is actaully one of those paper doll dresses and I just thought it was so girly and cute. Christi actually had on a black sparkly shirt and beads as the pic was taken at our casino night for the Mildenhall Officer's Spouses Club function.

Enjoying a lazy Saturday at home - hubby tried to get us to go to Andersonville ~ Civil War prison sight. Boys and I were just too tired after their first full week back at school, spouses meetings, soccer practice, etc. so we are just hanging out at home today. I need to get some stuff organized so that I can get some pages done in my scrapbooks.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Play Day!
These don't come around often enough ~ other than a short dentist appt. today I got to play with my paints, paper, and stamps and this is what I did. (I know I was supposed to get some scrapbooking done) but I just didn't feel like scrappin' today.
I had so many pieces of heavy cardboard from my scrapbook page protectors that I thought I had to make something with them. I have really enjoyed watching NORAH's HeARTt journal coming along (click on her link to the right) and I wanted to do something along those lines. I love to paint flowers as you can tell by now. I also LOVED all the sculptures I saw while visiting Paris and Rome not to mention, London, Scotland, Austria and Germany. I have been wanting to do something with these images from the LOUVRE for some time and think they incorporated well with the flowers. Also the Eiffel Tower - which I just think is a fabulously romantic piece of art. I haven't decided if I'm gonna go back with a gold pen and add journaling/notes or not. I might even go back over them and antique some a bit.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Georgia Peaches

I just finished painting this pitcher and (8) glass set with Peaches
for a lady that just moved here to Georgia. The great thing
about this glass paint is once it's fired in the oven for 30 minutes
it can go in the dishwasher.

Now I'm gonna put the paints away and try and get
some scrapbooking done. I'm so behind!
Will hopefully have some pages to upload tomorrow.
Have a fantastic day!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Dad!
Love you dad. Have a great day ~ SHAKSM

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hannah's Room
Last night and this morning I went over and painted my niece's room all girly ~ something I don't get to do too often with 3 boys.

I painted roses, rosebuds and wisteria all around the
room on vines.

Hannah's mommy painted a chalk board square on the wall for her to write on and I painted around it to dress it up a bit.

Chalk Board square

This wall is actually painted with magnetic paint so Hannah can hang her artwork
from school on. I just painted daisies around the whole thing to dress it up a bit.

More daisies and black eyed susans with bees and butterflies.

Hannah's Jeans ~ Love this new fabric paint ~ think it will be launched on Sept. 8th HSN
It's really soft to the touch and the colors are so classy! These took about 20 minutes to paint ~ quick and easy and FUN.

Right Leg

Left Leg

Hannah in her painted jeans (by me) standing by her daisy garden.

I had a blast painting this room for Hannah! She is very girly and loves purple and pink a lot!
Have to get painting at home now and fill some orders for pitchers and glasses. I'll share those later.