Tuesday, August 29, 2006

That's what a gallon of regular unleaded is costing today! Wonder how much it will go up before the holiday weekend and since we're in the south east I wonder how much the hurricane will affect prices. I'll keep you posted.

Back to bowling today with the wives league. Did quite well ~ but it wasn't the day to bowl high numbers as were getting our averages - I bowled a 174, 179 and a 129 ~ by the third game I was so tired and ready for it to be over. Haven't bowled since this summer with my good friend Nancy and family in NE.

Christi ~ love the banner - what did you make it out of? Chipboard or cardstock? Wouldn't let me leave comments ~ what's up?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy - you are in trouble now, I figured out how to leave comments on your blog! Thanks for talking me into the bowling thing...I really had fun. I was delighted to be able to introduce you to my wonderful hubby and to show him your latest sunflower creation. He said to me at lunch..."you don't have too many female heros, but I think Sandy might have made your list". He is right. I respect your leadership, envy your talent, and share your love of family. Thanks for being my friend. Terry

Christi Snow said...

Sandy, I am so jealous that you are bowling again. I upgraded to the new Blogger Beta and now it won't let you comment unless you are on it too (DON'T switch til you have to). They did NOT tell me that before I switched! :( definitely missing the comments! It is cardstock...I am teaching a class on it in a couple of weeks so I will be posting the instructions! smiles...