Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy birthday Oma!
We love you and hope you have a fantastic day! We adore you!

Kendall had a really good time at his first out-of state soccer tournament. They lost their first game and won their second and third games but that wasn't enough to get them into the finals. We were bummed but excited that they'd be home in time for dinner (which was picked up at the chinese restaurant on their way home) Hubby is off today and is spending the day doing yard work then haircuts for him and the boys when they get home. Don't you just love all the little details I share with you? HAHAHA

I just spent over an hour uploading all of my pictures of the things I painted this weekend and blogger dumped on me so nothing was published ~ URGH!!! I have to eat lunch since I haven't yet eaten breakfast and will edit this later with my pics from the weekend.

Okay....edit 1 ~ still trying to get my things uploaded. Here are a couple and will continue to add throughout the day if BLOGGER lets me!

I love this window - don't know where I'm gonna hang it - or if I sell it I won't hang it in my house which will be just fine. It has a hydrangea, sunflower, pansies, roses, daises, and poppies. Love it!

I love this little sunflower jar - It is a Yankee Candle jar that of course I cleaned after it made my house smell yummy with Macintosh Apples. I flipped the lid upside down and glued it to the jar. My hubby had a great idea to put something inside the jar before attaching the lid and I just might have to do that next time - better start
burning those candles.

Another window I love. The places with the three checkered panes are to fit 4x6 pictures. I've attached photo corners so that photos can be changed out. Haven't decided if I'm gonna put anything in the middle top pane. I kinda like it plain. What cha think? I want to know? leave me a comment?

After living in England for 5 years I have a thing for the Union Jack flag. I used to paint hundreds of them when I was doing my ornaments in England (I miss making those). I started painting the flag on the top part of the glass and it was just too much so I thought the base was just enough and more elegant then having the whole glass covered.

Okay....trying still to upload - blogger just dumped all
pics again! URGH! Persistance will pay off though!

Pitcher with Blue daisies and cherry blossoms

Pitcher with red,white and blue flowers
(roses, daisies, lilac, etc.)

Blue pitcher with white hydrangeas and bees

Blue pitcher with pink & white daisies & bees.


Oma said...

Dear, dear Sandy,
What a lovely bithday message! You are mighty special to me - and I appreciate who and what you are and stand for!
And your painting over the weekend - WOW and double WOW!!! What gorgeous pieces!
You certainly are using your God-given talents! Thanks again - and thanks for being you! Love, Oma

Christi Snow said...

What gorgeous pieces, Sandy! As beautiful as ever!!! smiles...