Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from the Farm
We had a great time at the farm - it was too quick a trip but fun. I had grand plans to take lots of pics of the farm but it was so HOT! We stayed inside in the air conditioned house until we had to go out.
I went to a TEA party on Saturday with my sister-in-law Lynne and had WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR! I was in a sugar coma the rest of the weekend after not having it for over a week. The food was soooo good and I just had to eat since she paid ~ you know, I didn't want to offend anyone. LOL (So back to my program and thankfully no sugar since Sunday and I FEEL GREAT!)
Saturday night we went to the car races. My brother-in-law won his heat by a mile and the actual race was close but ~ HE WON!! It was a lot of fun to watch - my DH and I were nervous as all get out and so happy to be there to see Michael win. We left Sunday morning to get back home and get ready for the coming week and I had to PAINT!
I painted some things for my sister for her BUNCO gifts and then I had to get my friend (Terry's) birthday present finished. Here are pics of all!

Pansie Cake Plate (BUNCO GIFT)

Dogwood Glasses (BUNCO)

Same Cake Plate that can be turned
upside down and used as a punch bowl.

Sunflower frame (Bunco Gift)

Cake Plate I painted for my good
friend Terry - she is a RED,WHITE, and BLUE fanatic

Of course I couldn't just give her a cake plate without a cake in it so I baked her a cake - yellow cake with white cream cheese frosting.
We played BUNCO and had a fab time! I won for most loses - pays sometimes to be a loser ~ at least it does in Bunco ~ and I had the most mini buncos.
Here are some of the goodies we got:

How fun are those!
We had a great time and I wish I had a picture of the whimisical cake that some friends brought her - it was so cute - I'll have to get a picture and share that! Super cute and girlie!
Gotta run, have a bowling meeting! YEAH ~ bowling starts next Tuesday. I bowl with the spouses group and have missed it since we stopped in May. Hope my average has improved but since I haven't bowled all summer long ~ I doubt it.


Christi Snow said...

Gorgeous yet again! Love all the fun bunko stuff! smiles...

Anonymous said...

love all of the gifts. I especially liked the red,white, and blue cake plate. How fun was that??? Sounds like Bunco was a blast. I used to play til kids came along. It made my hands a little tired though, counting on my fingers under the table took its toll. Haha
Love you,

Anonymous said...

since I figured out the comment thing, I had to come back and leave some feedback on this post. As the proud owner of the red, white, and blue cake plate, I had to also thank you for the delicious cake that came inside! Hubby was tdy all last week and I ate cake three meals a day! 7 days later and 4 lbs. heavier, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend. Terry