Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Monday!
Wow! I actually woke up feeling rested this morning!
Doesn't happen often for me but have to believe that it has something to do with
cutting out sugary foods for the past 4 days. I haven't been in a food coma for the
last 4 days which is really nice as well.

Looking forward to my painting class today and then ON THE TREADMILL I go!
Have finally set some small goals of getting this weight off to reach my MAIN goal
which is to ultimately be healthy and happy in my body.

I thought I'd paint an example of what we will do today in class and got
carried away getting some other things done. We will be painting a frame today but
don't think I'll be this ambitious today with 3 new painters. Don't want to discourage them
at their first class. So, we'll possibly do daisies or sunflowers on theirs. Will share pics of their projects if they let me.

Have a great MONDAY!

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Linda said...

Now that I have finally figured out how to leave a message I have nothing to say. (Just kidding)
I love all the things you have done and displayed on your blog. You are so talented and I am so proud of you and how hard you work at being such a good mom, wife, sister, and friend. You certainly were given the creativity in our family but not to slight myself because after all I can twirl 3 batons at once. Tell that to your art instructors. (hahaha)
I love you,