Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hannah's Room
Last night and this morning I went over and painted my niece's room all girly ~ something I don't get to do too often with 3 boys.

I painted roses, rosebuds and wisteria all around the
room on vines.

Hannah's mommy painted a chalk board square on the wall for her to write on and I painted around it to dress it up a bit.

Chalk Board square

This wall is actually painted with magnetic paint so Hannah can hang her artwork
from school on. I just painted daisies around the whole thing to dress it up a bit.

More daisies and black eyed susans with bees and butterflies.

Hannah's Jeans ~ Love this new fabric paint ~ think it will be launched on Sept. 8th HSN
It's really soft to the touch and the colors are so classy! These took about 20 minutes to paint ~ quick and easy and FUN.

Right Leg

Left Leg

Hannah in her painted jeans (by me) standing by her daisy garden.

I had a blast painting this room for Hannah! She is very girly and loves purple and pink a lot!
Have to get painting at home now and fill some orders for pitchers and glasses. I'll share those later.

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Norah's said...

Lucky Hannah, she is so cute in those jeans. The room is fabulous.