Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SCE items

Amazing what you can do with a .79 cent mask from
the craft store huh? Not sure how well you can see that
some of the pansies are three dimensional. I painted
all of the it on water color paper and then but a few of the
pansies a part and pieced back together adding dimension between
with silicone glue. I padded the back of the mask with stiff
felt to give the mask some body cause it was so thin. I sanded it all
and painted it black and and put jewel stones on. Then I sprayed
it all with this new puff glitter. Then I glued the top part on and added
the butterfly that cost me a $1.00. LOVE IT! I almost didn't take it
with me to wear in the Mask-er-ade ball cause I wasn't sure if I liked it
that much but it grew on me and now I can admit that I'm quite pleased


My friend Terry saw flip flops painted and sent me a picture ~
of course I had to make some as we artists do!
These took all of 5 minutes to paint and I sprayed the puff
glitter on them as well. I took them down to wear in the
fashion show but opted not to enter them - cause I didn't want
to have to walk in the show for just the shoes and had no time
to paint any clothing to enter. I wore them through out the conference
though and the compliments alone were worth it for me! They look
very "posh" with an all black outfit even though they are flip flops.

Will hopefully get pics of my 16" flower pot that I painted ~ thought I took
pics before I took it to CE but they aren't on the computer so I obviously didn't take
any. It was for the silent auction and did quite well I thought bringing in $120.00

Summer vacation is over!
What a busy week. Kendall (my middle son) has soccer camp all week, I have my
first Spouses Club board meeting tomorrow (did I mention that I'm Pres.), and my kids
start school on FRIDAY! Can't believe that their summer holiday is over already. We will
try and get to the pool for the next couple of days since we'll only be able to go on weekends until Labor Day ~ there is a double size olympic swimming pool on the AF base and it's awesome!
So...back to the grind!

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Christi Snow said...

Sandy! WOW! These are gorgeous. LOVE that mask!!! I know that I will have a Mardi Gras party to go to this next year...I may have to just commission you to make one for me! Awesome!!! smiles...