Friday, August 04, 2006

So hard to belive that my kids went back to
school today! I'm excited to have more free time
but I'm also sad cause I do enjoy having them around ~
noise and all!
While driving home after dropping them off at school
I started thinking about each grade that my boys are in
this year and my memories of each of those school years.
My oldest Austin is in 7th grade - I had such a bad perm in
7th grade - the lady actually left the rollers in too long and it
burned my hair - was frizzy for over 1/2 the year - YIKES!
I also had my first serious crushes on Grant VanOstrom (SP?),
Jody Spratley (Grant's best friend ~ that can never be a good thing),
and Curt Oliver ~ he had Farrah Fawcett fly backs and was so cool!
Have no idea where they are today but bet they are just as gorgeous as
I remember them being way back when. For some reason I cannot
remember any of my teachers names (except my Art Teacher) ~ I think
I was too hung up on boys during the 7th grade. LOVED my ART teacher though
Ms. Matson ~ I remember learning how to grid out a mural on graph paper before
painting it on the wall - we painted it on a bed sheet. Loved it.
I wonder how many crushes Austin will have in the 7th grade. What teachers will
make an impression on him ~ I pray it will be his best year yet and that no girl breaks his heart!!!!

My Kendall ~ starting middle school ~ 6th grade
I loved 6th grade ~ it was my last school year in Southern California before moving to Millington, Tennessee. My teacher was Mrs. Wildman and I adored her. She was soooo old
and smoked like a chimney. What a sweet lady though. She always wore these cool pant suits and I remember one so vividly ~ it was white with big red flowers on it ~ like hibiscus or something like that. We got to bring hook rugs to work on (remember those? mine was of Holly Hobby) during breaks and she also taught most of us girls how to knit. She let us stay in during recess and work on our rugs or knit. Wish I could remember how to knit - have all the needles and all those belonging to my great grandmother Adkins but can't remember how to make anything with them ~ maybe I'll learn again this year.
I also remember my music teacher - Mrs. Eastland - we had such a fantastic music program at our school ~ learned to play the harpsichord, violin, guitar (my favorite), bongo drums, and many more instruments - music programs aren't like that anymore in schools - unfortunately!
Kendall adapts so well to new surroundings and I know he'll make many new friends being at a new school. GA doesn't allow them to play sports in 6th grade (school sports) for which we are thankful ~ cause Select Soccer will take up too much of his free time as it is.
I pray that he enjoys the 6th grade as much as I did and has fond memories of his teachers for years to come.

My baby Holland started 4th grade today!
I remember my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Benson
(same school as 6th - Santa Margarita Elementary School in Oceanside, Calif.) She was gorgeous and I loved the way she dressed - girly and fun. I remember 4th grade was when I learned how much I loved math ~ sadly that went away in the 9th grade though. I had my hair cut like Dorothy Hamil and loved it.
Cannot believe my baby will be 10 years old next month. I never really believed people when they said "they grow up so fast" especially when I had 3 boys under the age of 3 ~ all in diapers ~ no sleep ~ it just never seemed like it would happen ~ and yet here my baby is almost a decade old. I'm crying.
I pray he will make some really good friends and enjoy his 4th grade year.

I'm excited about my FREE TIME though and hope I get lots created! lots painted! house cleaned in between, Pictures on pages, and back to my exercising and bible study.

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