Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Basic Strokes Art Journaling Class
Had fabulous classes on Monday of this week ~ we painted a teardrop/5 petal flower stroke and then created a page in our ART Journals using the stroke that we practiced. This classes are proving to be quite popular and filling up very quickly once I announce the date.  It's also inspired the students to start art journals of their own.
Using the stroke we learned in class we painted geraniums, basic butterflies, and geranium leaves.

My morning group
Beverlyn, Gloria, Dee, Barb, Glo, Debi, Sherry, Pat, and Patty
sitting: Susan, Sue, and Roz (sorry Roz didn't realize your book was upside down) :(

My evening group:
Deborah, Fran, Kitty, Kari, and her granddaughter Maddy

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!! Smile - it's contagious and you'll feel so much better when you do! :)  Sandy

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