Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday paint classes ~
Spent my Saturday painting! I had three paint classes and as usual we had a great time.
We painted a paper mache box with evergreen sprigs, holly leaves, berries and white roses.

Stacia won the project piece drawing for this class.

holding the ornament I painted for all of them. (see below)

I found these wooden ornaments at Michaels and painted each of them one as a thank you gift in celebration of my one year anniversary of teaching paint classes at Hobby Lobby.

Our second class was the winter landscape I had done earlier in the week with my morning crew.




Doriann won my project piece in the class drawing.
My 3rd class was kinda of a "Thank You" class for the Hobby Lobby employees. They have been so kind to me over this past year and are always peeking in and seeing what we are painting. They are always so eager to help me out with whatever I need and I wanted to thank them by teaching two classes for just them.
We painted the snowman wall hanging project and they all did a fabulous job. Unfortunately, some of the ladies
that signed up couldn't come because they ended up having to work.




Sarah won my project piece in the class drawing.

Thank you all so much for you sweet comments and visits. I have been unable to get around to read blogs lately but am hoping to make some time soon. I miss seeing what you are all up to and appreciate so much you taking the time to come by and let me know you were here.
I will be drawing from all the Oct. comments for the Breast Cancer Awareness piece of art that I've created. Well, I saw created but it's not quite finished yet. Will be done and posted hopefully before Nov. 1st. Don't forget to leave me a comment to enter the drawing and ALSO don't forget to click on the Breast Cancer link at the top right of my blog.
I hope you have a fabulous week!


Miss*Laurence said...

Sandy, I haven't been online this week, so I just caught up with all your work, you are as busy as ever with..Christmas!!! You're right, better start early! Congrats to the new sportsman of the family too!

Terry Richey said...

Awwwhh...feel sorry for the 6 students that didn't make class, they don't know what they missed! I really like all the project pieces, and every time I see the berries I think that I have to get my daubers out and play with them. Hope you rested today!

Kim said...

Great classes yesterday. I LOVED both projects. It looks like your HL students did REALLY well. I know you had to be exhausted after teaching 3 classes yesterday. I know I was exhausted after 2 classes. I can't believe it'll be nearly 2 weeks before we have another class, though I KNOW you need the break! Hugs ~ Kim

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

It's just amazing how your students all create such beautiful pieces. No wonder all the employees want to take your class!

Daughter of the King said... are your students are so talented...I love seeing all this work..and the poinsettia ornaments you did...gorgeous...
It seems to me that this is truly a God given talent for you..and yu bless others by sharing seeing the pics..

Scrappy Moments said...

what fun Classes, Beautiful Piantings. I would Love to be able to paint like this. Love The snowman, but I like them all, and those Poinsettia Ornaments are Darling :)
How Fun :) You are So, So Talented ..


Sugar Bear said...

I love the landscapes and the boxes. You come up with the best projects!

Julie said...

I am back to blogging and would love it if you could stop by and vote on something I am trying to make a decision about. Thanks!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Sandy! Your classes look like so much fun and the work is beautiful Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on my roses. Coming from you it really is a complement!

Dragonlady said...

Oh, Sandy, I love the art you did for the Breast Cancer Awareness...It is beautiful and the words are so fitting....
thanks for visiting my blog and commenting...

All of the art you and your students did Sat. is so wonderful..

Theresa said...

Wow that looks like a very fun and talented group of ladies.