Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Debbie!
Today my little sister turns "37"!
Hope you have a great birthday sis - sorry you have to spend it at work!

Friday and Saturday paint classes

At paint class on Friday we painted Christmas Wall hangings. We used the same canvas material that we used for the table runners earlier in the week.
I started this project with 3 snowflakes in the 3 squares.
Then at class, I gave everyone the option of painting ornaments or snowflakes or both - well of course, Nicole chose to paint ornaments and they were so AWESOME that I had to paint them on the "giveaway piece" that I do in class. Barb won the drawing so got to take home the one I did below.

I liked the ornaments so much that I changed my original to have 3 ornaments in the middle for my class on Saturday.

Since Oct. is my one year anniversary of teaching painting classes at HL ~ I decided that every student will get something from me at every class in October ~ a party favor sort of ~ well that is 71 things ~ the most students I've ever had in one month!

For the weekend classes I painted these rose ornaments for each of my students. I painted some glass frames as well but forgot to take photos of those.

(won the drawing for my project piece)




Saturday paint classes

We painted the wall hangings and table runners.



This was Martha's first class and she did a beautiful job!




(Jo won the drawing for my project piece painted in class)

Vickie - she drove all the way from Auburn to come to class ~ no, I'm joking ~ she came to visit her daughter (Stacia) and she came along to paint class.



Table runner class




This was her first class with me and she won the drawing for my project piece painted in class.





WOW! What a busy weekend. I'm ready for a very long nap this afternoon and then have to get stuff ready for my classes tomorrow -we are painting a box of ornaments.
Hope you have a wonderful week! Leave me a comment and let me know you've been by.
Don't forget that every time you do this month you are entered into my October giveaway in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fun class Sandy.......your are so patient:) Can I purchase the directions & color worksheet for the snowman class, please? See you on Monday.

Terri and Bob said...

Great class! I love the snowmen faces, so adorable!

nancy said...

so cute! when is your next craft show? suppose you are gearing up for to keep caught up on all your creations & all that you share w/your are awesome!

Deanna said...

I absolutely love the snowman wall hangings!!! They are so cute and everyone's turned out great!

Kim said...

REALLY enjoyed both classes yesterday. I agree with are so very PATIENT! I was exhausted so I know you had to be too! The "party favors" were absolutely gorgeous and so appreciated. You are so generous and thoughtful. I'll take a picture of the frame you painted and post it on my blog soon. I cut around my table runner last night and it is just too cute! See you at tomorrow night's class! Hugs ~ Kim

Dragonlady said...

stopping by to admire the wonderful paintings again....I just love the snowman and everyone did a great job on them....they are so pretty...

Sugar Bear said...

Fun stuff! Have you ever done floorcloths?

Sandi McBride said...

Your group is so talented. I keep saying that, but only because it's so. I particularly love snowmen and they are all adorable. Love the tree orniments you did, as well. Wonderous!!!

carolyn said...

Love those snowmen! Birthday wishes to your sister.

joan said...

I really like the snowman! It looks great! They all do such a good job.

Mary Isabella said...

The snowmen are so neat . Everything really is so beautiful. Lol Mary

justabeachkat said...

Amazing, just amazing! So much talent.


Robyn said...

great work as ususal! Lovely gift for your students!