Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Paint Classes ~
We had a great time in paint class today. Four people stayed for both classes and they all did fabulous!

Fall flowers painted on a terra cotta pot




Ellen's flower pot


This was her first class with me and she won the drawing today and took home the project piece I painted in class.


Fall Wall Scene ~ I taught this class earlier this week and learned quite a few things which really helped with this class today.
I pre-painted the square in the middle so that it was completely dry for today. That helped us all so much in the full coverage we got with our pumpkins. Earlier this week, we had to paint those pumpkins with several layers because the blue was still too wet. I also took the pilgrim hat off so that it could be used for all of FALL and not be limited to November only. We added sunflowers instead and they all turned out so beautiful!






This was summers first time painting with me and she also won the drawing for the project piece I painted in class today.

Thank you all for your visits and sweet comments. Based on my last post ~ let me tell you there are days that I don't take the high ground. That I am caddy. That I am not so nice. I didn't want it to seem that I am bigger, better in any way and hope that wasn't the way it was taken.
I do know that I (We) can do ALL things through Christ who strenghthens ME and (us)! I try but often times fail miserably. But I know that I it's always my CHOICE to be nice, take the high ground, let people see the best in me! I can CHOOSE to be ugly or I can CHOOSE to do what I know is RIGHT! It is up to us to CHOOSE to be better people. We live in a society of the BLAME game. It's alway someone elses fault. Taking responsibility for what you put out there and changing it if it isn't right is a CHOICE that only we can make!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Many blessings and again thank you for visiting!


Terri and Bob said...

:) You are allowed to be human... strive to be Christ-like! I think you do an awesome job of being Christ-like. I also think you are fallible human whom we all love because you own your mistakes, vow to do better and you do!

Those pots fascinate me. I cannot paint anything like that. Wow!

Daughter of the King said...

wow are these gorgeous...the pots...the have some talented painters

Dragonlady said...

Sandy, I do love to come here and admire your art work and that of your students as well....I also enjoy reading your thoughts..

Smile, sweet lady!

Kari said...

Hey - I don't think ANYBODY out here thought that you were implying you were "bigger or better" than anybody else. You don't have that sort of personality and happily, that shows through loud and clear!

And is Ellen camera shy? I love her work but why doesn't she pose for pictures, too? I wish I could paint like that...if I could, I'D pose with my masterpieces! lol

JANET said...

Y'all are really getting into autumn! Those flowerpots are eye-catching.

justabeachkat said...

Love the flower pots! So cute! The wall hanging are all great too.


Robyn said...

WOW! how fun are those! Great job ladies! And loved your Grandma post! Sweet...sweet!

Christi Snow said...

Loving the new projects and the fall feel!! smiles...

Terry Richey said...

That is a neat wallhanging. What did you paint it on, Roc Lon? Glad to see paint classes are going strong. Was offered a job at Michael's as the OSCI, but turned it down for the moment. Not sure that is what I want to do. Wish I could come to a class with you! boo hoo!

Sandi McBride said...

You ladies do such great work...makes it more like fall than ever. Thanks for the good wishes...

Anonymous said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!

Jeanne said...

Those pots and wall hangings are fabulous. Such talent!!!

joan said...

Really. really pretty. You have alot of talent in your classes. Love both the pots and wallhangings.

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, it's Saturday and we haven't had a peep from you since Wednesday. Don't make me come to Georgia to check on you...Texas is just a hop skip and a jump past you and I may or may not have threatened Kari with a check up, too...hope all is well...